Ninjago Quiz -


  • To answer these questions you will need to play SKYBOUND and pay close attention, using all your powers of observation. So, which Ninja do you guide through the game?

  • Correct! You play as the Ninja of Lightning.

  • What vehicle are you trying to recover at the end of the first level?

  • Yes, you’re recovering Kai’s bike which has been stolen by the Sky Pirates.

  • SKYBOUND pits you against several of Nadakhan’s minions…who must you battle at the end of the second level?

  • That’s right, the end of the second level is ‘defended’ by Clancee, the peg-legged serpentine. He’s not a great challenge though!

  • In the second level, the skies of NINJAGO are patrolled by which enemy aircraft?

  • Indeed, you can see the Raid Zeppelin drifting past, up to no good!

  • Who is waiting for you at the end of the third level?

  • Yes. It was Cyren, the singer tricked into wishing for a voice that could ‘enrapture an audience’…what she got was the ability to send anyone to sleep!

  • The fourth level introduces which new threat?

  • That’s right, there are cannons firing in all directions! It means your timing has to be perfect.

  • In order to free Nya from the Djinn Blade on the sixth level, who must you defeat?

  • Yes, as if the rolling barrels weren’t dangerous enough, you need to take on a giant venomous spider!

  • Defeating Dogshank frees which Ninja from the Djinn Blade?

  • Correct. Completing the ninth level frees Lloyd from the Djinn Blade.