Know Your Allies – Dareth

Know Your Allies – Dareth

  • Where does Dareth teach karate?

  • Correct! When the ninja were looking for somewhere to train the young Lloyd, NINJAGO City’s premier (but pretty dodgy) martial arts venue seemed an obvious choice!

  • Dareth likes to make himself useful. Which of these jobs has he NOT tried to do?

  • Well done. While Dareth helped Nya with her Kabuki disguise, he didn’t try the ancient art form himself.

  • Dareth’s favorite restaurant is Master Chen’s Noodle House. Which dish did he have there as a child and loves to this day?

  • Right…it was discovering that Puffy Potstickers had been discontinued that made Dareth suspicious that all was not well at Chen’s Noodle House!

  • Dareth and his students played a small but vital role in the battle against the Overlord…who did they defeat in the Mojo Dojo as the Stone Army attacked NINJAGO City?

  • Yes, Kozu was accidentally fired into the Mojo Dojo by the Garmatron and was immediately ejected by Dareth and his students!

  • Shortly after throwing Kozu out of his Dojo, Dareth found something that gave him control of the Stone Army. What was it?

  • That’s right! The Helmet of Shadows fell from the head of the Overlord as he changed into his true form. Dareth put it on and became the supreme commander of all things stone!

  • Why did Dareth battle a shark?

  • Indeed, it seems Dareth just can’t keep out of trouble, even on a school trip!

  • Finally, according to Dareth, what is his Elemental Power?

  • Yes, he’s even convinced he can fill a ship’s sails by blowing on them. The ninja have let him think it’s true!