Journey to The Past

Journey To The Past (Dr. Saunder's Mission #1)

  • Check out my introduction of General Cryptor …when the Digital Overlord was defeated what happened to Cryptor?

  • Right! General Cryptor was shattered into a million pieces. What a mess! Still, no way back from that…

  • Now check out my introduction to the four-armed General Kozu…what special ability allowed Kozu to control the Stone Army for the Overlord?

  • Yes! He could issue orders to the Stone Army and they couldn’t listen to anyone else…or could they? Kozu lost his helmet and everything went wrong for him!

  • Watch my introduction to the Master Chen exhibit…I said something nice about Chen, which was tricky because he was EVIL. What was it?

  • That’s correct…He DID make amazing noodles though, yum, yummy.

  • Time to meet Morro, the ghost Ninja. Watch my introduction and then answer this question…why was Morro angry and driven to evil?

  • Indeed. Master Wu declared Morro undeserving of the green gi. Morro’s wrath – his anger – drove him to do terrible things. He couldn’t eat noodles either, but he got over that.

  • I had trouble squeezing Pythor’s long history into a short video, watch it and you’ll see! So what has Pythor NOT done?

  • That’s right! Chen’s Noodle Houses were taken over by Skylor. The food is almost as good, but not quite. Pythor lives on somewhere to cause more trouble…

  • My final exhibit is Samukai, former Lord of the Underworld. Watch the video introduction, then answer this last question…The Skulkin General didn’t like working for someone else and betrayed Garmadon, but what happened then?

  • Yes! He went Boom Bye-Bye! We’ll never see him again…so come back for the Grand Opening. See you later!