Ronin is a master thief who disposed of the things he stole by selling them in a pawnshop he owned in the City of Stiix. He is in it for the money and, most of the time, cares only about himself. At some point in the past, Ronin made a bet with Soul Archer and lost his soul, then didn’t pay up. When Soul Archer escaped the Cursed Realm, he went after Ronin for payment. Ronin had to do services for the ghost in order to get his soul back. The ninja encountered Ronin when they traveled to the City of Stiix in search of the Scroll of Airjitzu, which Ronin had stolen. Ronin demanded a very high price for the scroll. He later traded information on another way to learn Airjitzu to Kai in exchange for the ninja team’s shares in Master Wu’s tea farm. This made him a partner in the business. He is resourceful and clever, but his attitude still brings him into conflict with some of the ninja. Ronin still struggles between his new life as an ally of the ninja and his old, when the only things that mattered were profit and survival. Deep down, he has a good heart, he is just reluctant to show that sometimes.