The Overlord is the source of all evil in Ninjago. He was the arch-enemy of the First Spinjitzu Master. The Overlord launched an all-out attack on Ninjago. He was defeated, and apparently destroyed, by Lloyd Garmadon, the Gold Ninja. But the Overlord is not so easily eliminated. The high-tech Borg Industries was built on the site of his last battle. The Overlord infiltrated the Borg computer systems and became the Digital Overlord. Now he plans to take revenge on Lloyd and conquer Ninjago once and for all.

Arch-enemy of the First Spinjitzu Master and the source of all evil in the world. Also known as the Dark Lord, the Overlord was consigned to Dark Island after the First Spinjitzu Master split the land in half. Existing as a spirit, the incredibly powerful Overlord plotted to return to the human plane of existence, using Garmadon and the Stone Army as his pawns. He is a skilled manipulator who has directed events from behind the scenes for centuries. His original form is a dragon.