Before the Tournament of Elements, Chen was commonly known as the “nice man” behind Master Chen’s Noodle House. But this identity concealed his underground criminal organization, as well as his murky history as Master Chen, teacher of Clouse and Garmadon. Master Chen loves theatrics and playing people against each other, dividing the closest of friends. Long ago, he provoked the Serpentine Wars, then turned against his own kind and sided with the snakes. He used deception to divide the Elemental Masters, and when the Serpentine were finally defeated he was exiled to a distant island for his treachery. From this remote fortress, Chen built a criminal empire and an army of warriors that shared his obsession with the most powerful of all the snake tribes, the Anacondrai. Using his daughter’s abilities, he planned to steal the power he craved from the descendants of the Elemental Masters. Not only was he seeking revenge, but he aimed to use this power to transform his army into Anacondrai Warriors and bring a reign of terror to the NINJAGO® world. In the end, he was undone by his own twisted teaching. Long ago, Master Chen taught his pupil Garmadon to win at all costs, no matter who got hurt. As the ninja finally confronted Chen and his Anacondrai worshippers, Garmadon remembered this lesson...he sacrificed himself, dragging Chen and his army to the Cursed Realm and leaving behind a grieving Lloyd.