Captain Soto is a pirate and the original captain of Destiny’s Bounty, back in the long-ago days when it was a sailing ship. A sinister pirate, he perished many years ago but was brought back to life by Lord Garmadon’s Mega-Weapon. He seized control of Garmadon’s ship and tried to return to his life of piracy, but was defeated by the ninja and sent to Kryptarium Prison. It was later revealed that Soto had been the one who imprisoned Nadakhan in the Teapot of Tyrahn. Soto had used Tiger Widow venom to slow the Djinn down long enough to defeat him. Fearing the Djinn might escape one day, Soto hid a map showing the location of Tiger Widow Island in a lantern on Misfortune’s Keep. He was part of the team Jay recruited to rescue Nya and the other ninja from Nadakhan.