Final Battle

The destiny of LEGO NINJAGO rests in your hands! 
  • Unleash the incredible power of elemental weapons and blast enemies as LLOYD, JAY, COLE, ZANE or KAI restore peace to save the day!
  • Spinjitsu your way through 6 iconic levels from the LEGO Ninjago world
  • Spin, slash, stomp and smash through wave upon wave of enemies
  • Help the Ninjas of Ninjago fight against the evil forces of the Overlord as they make their way to the top of the great Borg Tower!
  • Use your awesome ninja skills to avoid dangers and defeat enemies.
  • Climb up the elevator shaft and run through hallways with both Vertical & Side scrolling action!
  • Play as Kai, Cole, Jay or Zane!
  • Collect lego bricks to unleash awesome power ups that help you in your mission.
  • Play the story mode to defeat bosses and save the inhabitants of the Ninjago Universe!
  • Play the endless mode to see how high you can score!
  • Defy gravity and outwit your enemies with super jumps and wall running
  • Mix up and max out your slick ninja skills and weapons
  • Activate all 4 elemental weapons to play as the GOLDEN NINJA
  • Play well and become the all-powerful Spinjitsu Master SENSEI WU