Misfortune’s Keep is the pirate ship used by Nadakhan and his crew of pirates. Originally, it sailed the seas in years past, commanded by the Djinn. But when Captain Soto defeated Nadakhan, the ship was abandoned. When Nadakhan escaped the Teapot of Tyrahn and retrieved his crew from the realms they had been banished to, the ship was refit for action. Monkey Wretch converted it to a flying vessel and designed other vehicles like the Raid Zeppelin. Thus, Nadakhan’s pirate crew became Sky Pirates. Heavily armed with cannons, the ship was both fast and maneuverable. Unknown to Nadakhan, the map to Tiger Widow Island was hidden in a lantern on board. When Jay rammed Misfortune’s Keep into the Djinn Temple, the ship was destroyed and tumbled into the sea.

Ninja Dojo
Elemental Blade
4.5 Bricks
Inventing Gadgets