The Garmatron was the ultimate weapon constructed by Lord Garmadon. At his command, the Stone Army gathered the evil substance called Dark Matter needed to create the vehicle, and it was then charged by energies fired by the Celestial Clock. The Garmatron had the ability to shoot Dark Matter, thus upsetting the balance between light and dark in the NINJAGO world. It was instrumental in the Overlord’s attacks on NINJAGO City, and eventually transformed into a mighty fortress able to fire Dark Matter in multiple directions at once. The people and things struck by its Dark Matter turned evil. Lloyd’s final battle against the Overlord took place on top of this fortress. When the Overlord was seemingly destroyed, the Garmatron vanished as well, never to be seen again.

Ninja Dojo
Elemental Blade
4.5 Bricks
Inventing Gadgets