Located on Haunted Hill, the Temple of Airjitzu (also known as “Yang’s Haunted Temple”) is an ancient building that was once home to Master Yang and his students. In a way, it still is home to them, although now they are all ghosts. It was here that Yang invented the discipline of Airjitzu. Unfortunately, this was also the place where Yang carried out rituals designed to grant him immortality. The attempt backfired horribly and turned him and his students into spirits. According to local legend, anyone who is inside the temple at sunrise will also become a ghost. That doesn’t prevent tour guides from making a good living taking people through the temple, in fact, it probably helps their business. Everybody likes a good haunt. Among the notable features of the temple grounds are a blacksmith shop, a bridge guarded by stone dragons and a spinning shadow theater.

Ninja Dojo
Elemental Blade
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