Quiz: Who’s In The Bag?

  • He owes his hairstyle – and fierce reputation – to a sea dragon. He belongs to the Boar Clan. His favorite weapon is named “Snoutsmasher”.

  • He has the coolest sunglasses of any minifigure. Ever. He works ALL the time, except when he plays miniature golf. His favorite gadget is his brand new mobile phone.

  • His favorite shades are black and white. And a little red. He only eats freshly baked baguettes. If you ace this quiz, he will rate you 10 out of 10.

  • You will never go hungry after you meet this guy. Unless you’re a vegetarian. His uniform almost matches his favorite food. He’ll throw in a cold drink if you guess who he is.

  • She likes to make up adventurous stories. Luckily she is not allergic to wild meadow flowers. Bugs are her favorite pets.

  • This guy really needs some space. He doesn’t howl at the moon – he dreams of going there some day. He has even made his own flag for when he gets there.

  • You need leg warmers and sweatbands to keep up with her. Got two left feet? She is so fast you couldn’t step on her toes if you tried. She looooves music and zebra-striped leggings.

  • He can easily fling stuff miles away, even when it’s not on purpose. He always eats his vegetables. He has the most amazing mustache.

  • She has traveled all over the world. She has even traveled into outer space! She believes there’s always room for dessert.

  • He always keeps his costume clean and shiny. His skin tone matches his costume perfectly. He tries to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

  • She speaks like a proper lady and uses cool words like “hark”. She’s not afraid of anything. But she IS sometimes annoyed with her enchanted, singing sword…

  • Of course. And he is also a fiercely loyal friend!

  • Righteous, man. You’re mega down with the eighties.

  • You know great taste when you see it! You have a new fan.

  • Hot dog and a soda, coming right up – you got it!

  • Wheee! You should put on a pair of butterfly wings and be her BFF!

  • Ground control here. You may now proceed with your mission.

  • Yay! Jump to the beat! Or just jump to the next question!

  • Of course. That was a lightweight question, wasn’t it?

  • That’s right! Her cooking really is out of this world…

  • Of course! You could find your way around any corn festival maze!

  • Thou art very talented, indeed! Moveth along.

Desk Adventures

Find all 6 objects to download a wallpaper! TIP: Move your mouse around to explore the scene. Good luck!


You found all 6 items!