MicroBot Building Challenge!

LEGO MINDSTORMS MicroBot Building Challenge!
This July we want you to think BIG on a MICRO SCALE and work on creating LEGO MINDSTORMS robots that represent the world of Microrobotics. MicroBots are growing in the fields of medicine, industry, and agriculture.

The technology does not exist (yet) to shrink your MINDSTORMS kit to the micrometer range, but we can challenge you to use LEGO MINDSTORMS to prototype robots that could exist on the micro scale, use a modest amount of parts, and help humanity.

Will you create a LEGO MINDSTORMS micro-robot that is an insect, a machine, a vehicle, or even a robot that begins as something small and then unfolds into something bigger?! Will your micro-bot be a prototype of a swarm of synthetic bees, a micro-bot that fights bad bacteria, or a robot that can perform a small but dangerous job to make the world safer for humans?

Whatever you dream up, dream BIG and make it SMALL! You can even make a robot body that is connected to the EV3, NXT, or RCX by wires to save on space! All entries must be tagged “MicroBot”

Deadline: August 1, 2014.

See this page for more details: LEGO MINDSTORMS Community MicroBot Building Challenge

What will you make?