Out of the Box Building Challenge winners

With the launch of the EV3 we challenged the LEGO MINDSTORMS community to create a MINDSTORMS robot that shows creative, "out of the box" thinking but is also made with only the parts you can find in the box! We had community members create a wide variety of EV3, NXT, and RCX robots! We highlighted each winner with a special category that matched the Out of the Box bot’s personality. Don't forget to check out all the robots submitted to this challenge by searching Out of the Box in the "Quick Search/Challenges" pull down menu on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community page.

Here are the winners:

The Out of the Box Award in the
Machines category goes to:

Counter with Coin Recognizer
Created by: fou_de_lego

This machine takes its inspiration from the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education Color Sorter model, but fou_de_lego re-invened this model to act like an automated grocery store conveyor belt. Check out the video of this Out of Box bot in action on fou_de_lego’s project page.

The Out of the Box Award in the Household Helpers category goes to:

Mad Scientist Mousetrap
Created by: AREM2326

Build a better mousetrap with the EV3! AREM2326’s Mad Scientist Mousetrap/Great Ball Contraption robot is designed to catch mice for experiments! (We hope you let the poor critters go.) This robot has five parts including a bait platform and a hand to catch the mice. AREM2326’s project page is very detailed and includes a cool video too! We know that AREM2326 intended for this robot to be used by Mad Scientists, but we thought we could repurpose it as a household helper to catch (and release) critters invading our home.

The Out of the Box Award in the Movie Star Robot category goes to:

Created by: technicmaster0

MINDSTORMS EV3, meet Short Circuit’s Johhny 5. Together you’ll make Numb3r5! technicmaster0 has created a beautiful replica of the famous movie robot, and it’s made with ONLY parts from the EV3 kit! technicmaster0 recommends driving this robot with the IR Sensor and the EV3 remote control.

The Out of the Box Award in the Vehicle category goes to:

TimmyTon 5
Created by: Builderdude35

The TimmyTon 5 robot is an EV3 robot that is part of a series of robotic sharks that do work for you (the previous 4 TimmyTon’s are all NXT bots). Builderdude35 is a MINDSTORMS Community member to watch and a growing expert on crafting robotic vehicles. The TimmyTon 5 ‘s driving structure is worth studying and admiring on Builderdude35’s project page. Excellent Out of Box bot and thinking!

Keep Building LEGO MINDSTORMS Community and stay tuned for the next 3xciting challenge!