• What cool stuff can I do?

    Hints, Tips, Bits

  • You can do a lot of awesome stuff in LEGO® Life. But if you want the full experience, you’ll need a LEGO® ID account. Create an account to open up this bag of tricks:

  • Mind-busting challenges

  • Super-cool minifigure maker

  • Updates from your favorite LEGO® characters

  • Ideas from loads of LEGO® fans

  • Get easy access to all the latest LEGO® news

  • A LEGO® ID account is your backstage pass to access all areas of LEGO® Life. You’ll need your mom, dad, or guardian’s permission to get an account, so remember to say please!


    We ask you to keep your real identity hidden on LEGO® Life. Just like a superhero. So pick a username for your profile, create your alter-ego minifigure and stay superbly secret.

  • Choose a body … minifig or minidoll?

  • Accessorize with some finer details.

  • Keep going until you find the perfect fit. Change it whenever you want a new look!

  • How do I share my photos?

  • Take picture 1

    Take a photo of your creation.

  • Take picture 2

    Add the photo to LEGO® Life, then tag and share it.

  • TAke picture 3

    Wait for us to check it and then watch it magically appear…

  • How do I get my photos approved?

  • Our rules are simple. You just need to make sure your pics:

  • Are age-appropriate

  • Don’t show real people

  • Are LEGO related

  • Don’t link to other websites