Frequently asked questions

Have questions about the LEGO® Life Magazine? You can find the answers here!

  • What is the LEGO® Life Magazine?

    LEGO® Life Magazine is a FREE magazine created towards kids between ages 5 and 9 that is mailed to your home 4 times a year. Every issue is packed full of LEGO news and behind-the-bricks interviews, comic adventures, games and puzzles, building challenges and Cool Creations built by LEGO fans. Not to mention, sneak peeks at the latest sets and themes.

  • Who can sign up for the LEGO® Life Magazine?

    Parents and guardians can sign up children between the ages of 5 and 9.

    If your child is under the age of 5, there are lots of fun experiences better suited to our youngest builders at our DUPLO® site here. If your child is older than 9, he or she would more likely enjoy the cool, personalized experiences of the LEGO® Life app, which you can download here:

    App Store
    Google Play
    Amazon (US and Canada only)

  • When will my next issue arrive?

    July 2020

  • How long will I have to wait for my child’s first magazine to arrive?

    Depending on the time of month you signed up and the shipping schedule of the magazine, it can take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks before your child’s first magazine arrives. We know this can feel like a terribly long time for a child, so we are constantly working to bring this timescale down.

    While your child waits for the magazine to arrive, he or she can check out the latest version here.

  • The magazine didn’t arrive in our mailbox, even though it has before. What do I do?

    Sometimes magazines become lost in the post or cannot be delivered due to an unforeseen issue. Always remember to keep your address updated by clicking here.

    For any other issue, contact Customer Service who can replace a lost magazine.

  • Where do I find the entry form for joining a contest/sending in Cool Creations/writing to LEGO® Life?

    You can download it here
  • How do I change my postal address/email address?

    You can update your account info by clicking here and logging in using your LEGO® Account. 

    If you do not have a LEGO Account, please contact Customer Service.

  • How do I cancel my magazine subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time for any reason by updating your account info. Just click here and log in!