Shout out with the LEGO® keyboard!

Shout out with the LEGO® keyboard!

Can you imagine talking to other LEGO® fans in a language inspired by the cool LEGO bricks you have at home? Now you have the chance in LEGO Life with the LEGO Keyboard! 

LEGO Keyboard is a visual language just for fans on LEGO Life! Kids can express themselves with cool, colorful emoticons and images, featuring minifigure faces, tasty foods, and other offbeat and silly images. It’s a safe and fun way to communicate and share your love for the LEGO universe!

How do I get access to this awesome new language, you say? You don’t need a dictionary. All you have to do is download the LEGO Life app and you can start using cool LEGO emoticons to comment on your favorite builds in LEGO Life!


You can make the wackiest combinations you want! And there are tons of emoticons to choose from. You can even create your very own signature emoticon combination, if you want and use it to comment on your favorite builds. What emoticons would you use to write GREAT BUILD?