How to plan a themed LEGO® birthday party

Birthday Party Games for Kids

The day has arrived! Looks like we need some party games for kids... (and adults, don’t worry, we won’t tell…). Luckily, there’s about a bajillion LEGO® party games for kids that make for the best indoor party games. Let’s get that party started right!
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Mickey & Minnie Birthday Train

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Creative Party Kit

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Birthday Clown

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Birthday Set

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1. Build the Tallest Tower

2. The LEGO® Spoon Race

3. The Blindfold Builder

4. Video Call Storybuilder

Virtual Birthday Party for Kids

Can’t have your friends over in person? No problemo. Virtual birthday parties don’t have to be less fun than physical ones – especially when we can utilize the magic of LEGO® building!
We’ve designed some awesome video call backgrounds to help your little one have the maximum fun with their friends online. You can download them all below!
(Of course, to maximize the creativity, why not make homemade backgrounds out of your own LEGO bricks? Just snap a photo of your build and upload it to your computer before the online party begins!)

Thank You Gifts and Party Bags

Don’t let your guests go home empty-handed! Giving them a small little memento is a great way for them to remember a fantastic day. A cute idea is to get them to build their own small party gift out of spare LEGO® bricks, as part of the day’s activities.

Who says a birthday only lasts a day?

  • Thank You Cards

    Let your friends know that you had a great party by sending them a beautiful Thank You Card. Download a few here or create your own with these images.
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