LEGO® Cookie Policy

Last Modified: July 27th 2021

We use cookies on our websites and our digital applications.

Cookies are small data files that your browser sets on your computer or device. A cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, when it is read by a server via a web browser, it can help a website deliver a more user-friendly service – for example, remembering previous purchases or account details.

Both we and our third-party tracking partners use browser storage, app storage, cookies, pixels, beacons, scripts and tags to operate our websites and apps, and provided you have given consent, to analyze your use and market to you. We may receive reports on these from our third-party tracking partners on an individual and aggregate basis, and those partners may combine that information with other information they have collected from you.

The cookies we use fall into four categories.

Necessary Cookies: Necessary cookies are required to enable technical site functionality and to provide the services explicitly requested by you. This includes as an example services such as your selected country and language, keeping you logged in, providing security and fraud prevention, having your digital shopping bag and wish list items stored while you browse, remembering volume settings, and you getting access to secure areas of the website.  This category of cookies cannot be disabled and does not require a consent.

Analytic Cookies: These cookies are optional and collect information about how visitors use and experience our website in order to optimize design, operations, efficiency and to improve your user experience. We only ask for consent to place these types of cookies on sites that are intended for young people who are 16 years or older or adults.

LEGO® Marketing Cookies: These cookies are optional and used to learn more about your interest, including which sites and adds you click on, which products and services you are interested in, or purchase, on this and other of our websites or apps. We use this data to show you more personal marketing and product recommendations on our websites or in our apps, in our membership and program offerings and to use the information about your interests and behavior on our website to make the content of any marketing messages we send the user more relevant based on your interest and site behavior. We only ask for consent to place these types of cookies on sites that are intended for young people who are 16 years or older or adults.

Third-Party Marketing Cookies: These cookies are optional and allow third parties to collect cookies allowing us to make targeted marketing/ads of our products and services on other websites, apps and on social media.  If you allow this you will allow the listed third parties to set cookies tracking your interests and behavior including which products and services you are interested in, or purchase, on this and other websites, social media, apps and devices. Be aware that these third parties are either joint or independent data controllers of the personal data tracked via the cookies and they will use the data for their own purposes. These are the third parties we allow to place cookies on our websites and in our apps. Read about how these third parties process your personal information here:


We only ask for permission to allow the above third parties to place these types of cookies on sites that are intended for young people who are 16 year or older or adults.

List of our cookies

See our Cookie Declaration listing our different types of cookies – including the third parties we share your cookie information with – either to process the cookie on our behalf or as separate data controllers.

Please be aware that some cookies are set by third-party media and advertising partners for our joint or their independent use and they may combine data collected from your visit to with information they have collected from you elsewhere. Please read their privacy policies on how your information is processed and what rights you have.

What about your privacy?

Some of the cookies set on will result in processing of your personal information.
In regard to “strictly necessary” cookies processing personal information, LEGO System A/S bases this processing on either:

  • our legitimate interest in preventing fraudulent behavior when using our website and its services;
  • our legitimate interest in allowing you to interact with our customer service via chat functionality and to remain logged in with your LEGO® VIP or LEGO Account;
  • our obligation to secure a safe use and operation of the website and the services offered on the website (including measures to secure compliance with our legal obligations towards children);
  • our contractual obligation to deliver specific services or functionalities specifically requested by the website user.

In regard to “analytical” and/ or “marketing” cookies processing personal information, LEGO System A/S bases its processing on consent, unless otherwise specifically appears from our privacy policy.

For cookies where a third party is joint controller or independent controller, please refer to the third party’s privacy information linked to below, for more information on the legal basis of their processing of personal information as controllers.

Read how to manage and control what information we collect from you in our full Privacy Policy here.

What if I do not want cookies:

Necessary cookies are essential for the website and you cannot opt out of them, but you can delete necessary cookies after use – see how below.

For all other cookies, you can always adjust your settings and revoke your consent.

How to get rid of your cookies:

The cookies are placed on your device. This means that we cannot delete them for you. You must do that yourself in the way prescribed by your specific device. If you are on a website operated by LEGO System A/S, you can also avoid cookies being placed by adjusting the browser settings on your device. If you are using an app published by LEGO System A/S, please note that cookies set in an app work in a different way and you will have to control this via your device directly. Real browser cookies are set to expire. Similar types of technologies, like local storage on your device, do not have expiration built-in but must be deleted by you. We have linked to instructions on how to adjust/delete cookies on some of the more common devices below.

Please find examples of guides on how to block cookies and how to remove cookies in the various browsers for PCs and Macs:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Microsoft Edge

Samsung Browser