• What happened to DESIGN byME?

    The original Design byMe vision was for a unique customization service, where consumers could design whatever they imagined on their computer, and buy the real model in their own LEGO box. Design byMe attracted several million people each year to build a huge range of amazing creations using the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) software. Despite this success, the overall Design byMe experience has struggled to live up to the quality standards for a LEGO service. As a result, the LEGO® Design byME service was closed in January 2012.


    Where did my models go?

    You can still design what you want with LEGO Digital Designer and upload models into a public gallery on the new LEGO Digital Designer website. All of your old existing models have been transferred the new LDD gallery . You will also be able to generate building instructions from LEGO Digital Designer to build your models.


    What about other Custom products?

    This is not the end of customization for the LEGO Group, but a revision. We believe in the future of customization, but the service we offer has to be right for our consumers.



    If you wish to buy bricks separately, you can use our Pick a Brick service.




    The LEGO Design byME and the LEGO Factory team would like to thank you all for six great years of custom building!


    Please contact our consumer service department if you have any additional questions.