MUSIC MACHIN3 – A LEGO jukebox by Justine

Goodbye Jukebox, hello MUSIC MACHIN3! Pick an object, and this LEGO MINDSTORMS Fan Creation will play you a melody to match! This awesome creation is built by LEGO fan Justine Ordinario. One day she got the idea of using a motor as input instead of the traditional output. She looked to her other big interest, music, and felt inspired to try and recreate her childhood music boxes with a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 twist! How the machine works? The music box has 1 P-Brick, 1 large motor and 4 color sensors. To get the machine going, you need to choose an object and place it in the mount on the motor. When it’s in place, you rotate the object and keep going and release, for it to automatically begin to unwind. While it unwinds, a music clip plays! To play a different clip, choose another object! – Check out this clip from World Maker Faire in New York to see this awesome fan creation in action!

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