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Episode 1 – What is Real and what is Fake?!


    Stuff you come across on the internet might not always be true. But how do you spot the difference?! Check out my video and find out! :-)

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        Alicia Keys builds a FLYING LEGO® piano | 90-Second LEGO Challenge

        Alicia Keys is one of the greatest musical artists on the planet, but can she build a magical LEGO® piano in just 90 seconds? It’s the 90-Second LEGO Challenge!

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          Incredible LEGO® Art in 90 Minutes!

          We slowed down this week’s challenge to give artist Hebru Brantley 90 minutes to build a LEGO® masterpiece…and he didn’t disappoint.

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            The Chimney Show!

            Watch out, because here comes Santa! How many points do you give for his fall? Judges, show your points in the comments!

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              Max and Cool Creations!

              Max and his dog are always super excited to see what you’ve built! Check out some of the creations they’ve received for the LEGO® Life Magazine here!

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                Watch till the end...

                Our Adult Fan of LEGO Sillypenta shows why Santa needs to be more careful when leaving houses... Watch till the end

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                  Brain power!

                  Your brain is your strongest muscle! And did you know you can exercise it just by playing and having fun? Playing can help you to improve your concentration, ability to solve problems and even your memory. You might even remember as much as an elephant – elephants never forget! How do you stay active and stretch your mind every day?

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                    One Day to Go Until 2022!

                    You made a marvelous menu of food on LEGO® Life this year! Let’s celebrate the new year coming in by looking back at some of those tasty treats.

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                      Confidence and bravery

                      It takes bravery to come out of your shell! But being confident is also about just being true to yourself. And knowing what makes YOU awesome! My helmet makes me feel brave! And hanging out with my friends helps me feel confident 😊 What makes you feel brave?

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                        Three Days to Go Until 2022!

                        Comics ruled in 2021! We loved all the comics and stories you shared on LEGO® Life. Keep them coming and let’s rock 2022.

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                          Peggy Gou builds an amazing LEGO® T-shirt | 90-Second LEGO Challenge

                          International dance music and fashion icon Peggy Gou shows her limitless creativity when taking on the 90-Second LEGO® challenge. Will she be able to complete her build in time?

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                            Two Days to Go Until 2022!

                            We loved the logos you made this year! Here’s just a few of the super symbols that rocked 2021.

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                              Get Cozy and Inspired!

                              Relax, unwind and unleash your imagination. This cozy video is here to help you get peaceful and create. Build, write or draw something connected to an interest you’re passionate about. You can even put it on in the background while you make something awesome with your family. Share what you made to inspire others today!

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                            Planet Hopper

                            Explore the galaxy in your spacecraft! Jump from planet to planet and get further and further into the seemingly endless galaxy.

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                                  Thierry Henry builds the ultimate LEGO® brick trophy! | 90-Second LEGO Challenge

                                  Thierry Henry is one of the greatest strikers in history, but how will he fare in our 90-Second LEGO® building challenge?

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                                    Episode 4 – How can we stop it?

                                    Not everyone is nice all the time. Some people post mean stuff just to be mean. But when you find mean things like that, you can always report or block it. Check out my final video to find out who’s behind all this marine life misinformation.

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                                      Meet Ekow Nimako

                                      The LEGO® Group celebrates and supports Black creators. Creators like Ekow Nimako who is known for creating Adinkra symbols from the country of Ghana in LEGO Bricks. Watch to learn more!

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                                        Answer the Call!

                                        Batman™ is always ready to stop crime with his Batarang™ and utility belt, but he needs your help to protect GOTHAM CITY™. Will you Answer The Call?

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                                          Episode 2 – How does it make you feel?

                                          Do you ever see things on the internet that make you sad or angry? I definitely know that feeling! Check out my video to find out more about avoiding hurtful content.

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                                            Episode 3 – Where does it come from?

                                            Sometimes you might come across something and think ”Huh, that can’t be right!?”. And when you do, it is important to be vigilant. Check out my video to find out more about spotting questionable sources. Come back next week to see me catch the culprit!

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                                              Cozy Creative Companion Video!

                                              Sometimes the best ideas come from a relaxed state of mind. Get cozy with this video and use it to unwind as you let your creativity flow. Also great to watch while you create something amazing with your family. Build, draw or write something amazing and share it today! ✨ 🏠 💖

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                                                Happy New Year!

                                                Your comics, logos, GIFs and more were awesome and we can’t wait to see what you do next! Catch some of the amazing creations of 2021 right here.

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                                                  Happy holidays!

                                                  From all of us to all of you, we wish you happy holidays! Do you celebrate this time a year? We would love to hear all of your traditions!

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                                                    Leave Your Mark on LEGO® Life!

                                                    Hi, LEGO® Lifers, it’s your friend, Alex! What would you change about the LEGO Life app? Help make the app what you would like it to be!

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                                                      Build a world of play!

                                                      Did you know that by playing with LEGO® bricks, we can learn lots of awesome skills? Not only that, it also helps kids all around the world! By sharing the joy of play, we can learn how to solve problems and together rebuild a better world for everyone 🌎🥰. What do you like to build with your LEGO bricks?

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                                                        Play and learn

                                                        Playing is so much fun! And the cool thing is that when you play, you can learn lots of things that will help you to make the most of your life. Through play you can build your confidence and creativity, get better at problem-solving, learn the value of teamwork and much more. What have you learned through play?

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