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    It’s the season of giving and giving back. Build a star to share some kindness and put a smile on someone’s face. Let’s shine on together! ⭐

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        Which egg will survive the fall?!

        What is the science behind keeping an egg from getting scrambled when falling from a super high spot? Check out this Rebrickulous video and find out! Which egg do you think will survive the Rebrickulous Egg Drop?

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          Game Night!

          Friends go brick-to-brick in classic games at the most awesome event of the year. Charades, Go Fish, The Floor is Lava; what’s your favorite game to play? Build your own game night scenario and show it off to your friends! 🌎💚

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            Take These LEGO Animals for a Walk!

            The duck model is going for a stroll, thanks to the power of gravity and the design of JK Brickworks. Check them out!

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              Create a Super Stunt!

              Hey, LEGO Life! It’s Lauren and Bryan from LEGO Masters. Did you catch last night’s amazing stunt action challenge? Ready to show your stuff? Build your own stunt scene and then share your exciting creation. Remember to hashtag your post #buildlikeamaster so we can see it.

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                From plastic bottle to happy prototype LEGO® brick!

                Hey, check this out! We’re using plastic bottles to make happy prototype LEGO® bricks! Because even bottles deserve a second chance. What do you think about plastic bottles becoming prototype LEGO® bricks? Let us know in the comments!

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                  The Brick and the Bold – Build YOUR Unbelievable Adventure!

                  Arachnid battles! Aquatic action! Extraordinary extra-terrestrial escapes!!! Grab your best bricks and your favorite minifigures and create a jaw-dropping high-flying adventure! Show your model in motion with a GIF and share it with your friends.

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                    From plastic bottle to Sir Dino von Disco!

                    You've already seen that we’re using plastic bottles to make happy prototype LEGO bricks! Check out how happy Sir Dino von Disco is! Because even bottles deserve a second chance.

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                      Super STEAM Stickers!

                      Get your brain bursting with tons of new ideas and creativity with these NEW STEAM stickers! We can’t wait to see what you will create and share!

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                        Rock the Arena!

                        Here’s a sports anthem that will bring fans to their feet in any stadium! Catch the all-new minifigure dance moves, then try to do them yourself. Smash the Play button and get ready to rock! Take four pictures of a minifigure doing the dance move and create your own GIF to share with your friends.

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                          Operation: Egg Drop!

                          The Rebrickulous team never chickens out from a challenge, even when it involves eggs. Can they build a model that can help an egg survive a drop from a high place? Or will their hopes be shattered along with the shell? Find out!

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                            Build a Minifigure Cam!

                            Catch this amazing video and find out how you can build a model that turns a minifigure into a movie star! Bonus: see if you can find a way to add a second minifigure or an animal to the model too. #brickbuilt

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                              From Plastic Bottle to a LEGO® Road!

                              Take a drive on this LEGO® road built out of happy prototype LEGO® bricks from recycled plastic bottles! Because even bottles deserve a second chance. What would YOU built with happy prototype LEGO® bricks? Let us know in the comments!

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                            Bits and Bricks

                            Bit the adventurous LEGO® robot needs your help! Can you tell Bit what to do?

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                                  Sign Secrets to Your Friends!

                                  Master awesome American Sign Language (ASL) you can use to communicate with your friends without making a sound. This amazing video features brick-built hand that will show you how to form letters and words. Use ASL to send secret messages to your friends and more! #LEGOfilms

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                                    Medieval times WITHOUT a blacksmith?!

                                    “With the strength of his hammer, this talented blacksmith breathes life into every corner of the kingdom! Without his master craftsmanship, watch how things might not go exactly as planned...” is what our adult LEGO® fan LEGOParadise wrote about the video that was one of the winning video in a LEGO Ideas competition! The participants had to create a story showing the medieval times WITHOUT a blacksmith!

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                                      Check out this winner video!

                                      Check this out! One of the three winning videos from a LEGO IDEAS competition. The participants had to create a story showing the medieval times WITHOUT blacksmith?! The adult fan of LEGO, Korneplod, wrote this about this video: "The idea is - no blacksmith means no swords, no swords means no battles, no battles means a lot of spare time for doing anything! Unfortunately, it's not even close to how it works in reality, but everything is possible in LEGO® universe!". Korneplod is so right, everything is possible in the LEGO® universe!

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                                        Discover Tensegrity!

                                        Get step-by-step instructions on how to create a tensional integrity sculpture using your own LEGO® pieces. Amaze your friends and family!

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                                          Send a Secret Message of Thanks!

                                          Let someone know you appreciate them by saying “thanks” in American Sign Language.

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                                            Your Sticker Art Rules!

                                            In love with all your amazing art we are seeing on LEGO® Life! Keep decorating with all-new adventure badge stickers because artists never quit! Artists featured: LoudestAwesomeInfernox SentimentᾴlníBaronkaHruška FliegerDurchgeknallterBansha GrevePruttendeSpyclops InfirmierBlistaAdroit KӧniginRoboterhaftesKӓtzchen ManagerIntergalaktischerAffe ZaubererClevererIcebite FancifulCup017 GeneralessaPanchinaCapace GrandeTorta017 PappagallaConcentrata011 ReginaOrsaBella 慎重なトマト王さま 신난오렌지발명가 활기찬올리비아할머니 KeizerMoedigeDruif NiesamowityHrabiaNaleśnik AventurosProfesorLup FuriosMaestruBebelus ГepцorБeзвpeдныЙДenyтpoн MapкизПpoxлaдныЙфлинкс GreveEnormJordnöt DoktorYaraticiFluminox SörPsisikTavsan ElderPrehistoricPelican ExcitableSparratus011 PrettiestSqueakyWolf RichestBrightToilet SenseiVibrantShoe ArtisticKitten014 DragoSentimentale023 AuntDizzyPlum ColdestAmazingComputer

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                                              Catch This Card Construction!

                                              You’ll go off when you see a house of cards come together thanks to the power of SPIKE and MINDSTORMS®. Check it out and leave a “WOW” sticker if your mind was blown like ours.

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                                                Luckily, we have the Blacksmith!

                                                Here’s another amazing video from our adult fan of LEGO SPELBRICKS, showing how life would be without the Blacksmith. This is the story behind the video: “The old, abandoned blacksmith’s shop is hidden in the forest. Medieval villagers have no nails to make the wooden bridge stronger and the farmer has no hoe to take care of his field.” How do you think medieval times would be without the Blacksmith?

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                                                  Sign Someone You Care!

                                                  Discover how you can create the word “love” using American Sign Language, then show someone you care in this new, fun way.

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                                                    Build the Ultimate Sorting Machine!

                                                    Help keep the planet clean by building a sorting machine that can get all kinds of recyclable items into the right bins. How will you make it awesome – vacuum pumps, jet engines, giant robot arms? Create and share!

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                                                      Lead Your Own Parade!

                                                      What’s up, LEGO Life? Zach and Wayne from LEGO Masters here. Did you see last night’s Parade Float challenge? Now it’s time show off your building skills! Build your idea for a fantastic float for your own parade and share it. And don’t forget to hashtag your post #buildlikeamaster so we can see it.

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                                                        Sign a Greeting to a Friend!

                                                        Master saying “hello” using American Sign Language, then share what you’ve learned with your friends.

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