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How do you solve an impossible task?


    Is anything really impossible? Perhaps not! We found the brightest young engineers from all around the world to help us solve this wild task. See what happened in the video.

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        Learn about the life of a LEGO® engineer

        Want to know what it takes to become an engineer? In this Q&A video, LEGO® engineer Libor chats to kids from the MOVE IT challenge about his job.

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          Lift a heavy weight challenge

          Check out Kirill’s video and learn how to lift a heavy weight using gears, pulleys and counterweights. What will your kid build?

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            Be inspired by a Volvo engineer

            The kids from the MOVE IT stunt caught up with Volvo engineer Frida. In this Q&A video she tells us about her amazing job and the importance of NEVER giving up!

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              How to solve everyday challenges

              See Damien use LEGO® Technic elements to solve a common problem. Then encourage your young builder to get inventing too!

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                Creative problem-solving in action

                Help your young builder design a door-opening device inspired by Anika’s cool challenge.

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                  Catapult power

                  What gives a catapult its power? Does the length of the arm matter? Find the answers in Rosa’s video and inspire kids to get building.

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                    Move a ball challenge

                    Kids will love getting creative as they build a device powerful enough to move a ball inspired by Dimitri’s video.

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                        Ready for a towing challenge?

                        Inspire your young builder to use gears and motors to move a wheelbarrow just like Johan did.

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