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Sparkle Art Inspiration: Snow Flakes


    Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw snow flakes

        • LEGO® Disney™

          Daisy in Whisker Haven

          Daisy is introduced. She is getting ready for the Pawty at the Pawlace, grooming and choosing accessories. She can't find her tiara and looks all over until she sees that its been on her head the whole time.

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          • LEGO® Disney™

            LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights PART 3 – THE GREAT GLACIER

            Anna and Elsa and their friends convert Kristoff’s sleigh into a makeshift boat and cross a frozen fjord to reach the Great Glacier – but will they be able to ascend the glacier’s steep incline? If only they could find the right gear this far north of Arendelle to make the difficult climb…

            • LEGO® Disney™

              The Palace Pets Pawty

              Its Pawty time at the Pawlace! Windflower checks to see where her friends are but the spyglass is the wrong way round. She wakes up Dreamy and they all have fun in the Pawlace.

              • LEGO® Disney™

                Pumpkin in Whisker Haven

                Pumpkin is introduced. She is out in her lovely carriage when she spots a wand in the road. She puts it in her garden and is suddenly hit on the head by a flying invitation…to the Pawty.

                • LEGO® Disney™

                  Sparkle Art Inspiration: Ariel's Friends

                  Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw a scene with all of Ariel's friends

                  • LEGO® Disney™

                    Dreamy in Whisker Haven

                    Dreamy is introduced. She has been having a lovely catnap and when she wakes up, she decides to practice her song for the pawty. It sounds very strange until she realizes that the music sheet was upside down!

                    • LEGO® Disney™

                      Frozen Northern Lights Trailer - LEGO® Disney Frozen

                      The LEGO® Disney Frozen Family is back in an all new LEGO® adventure to find the Frozen Northern Lights.

                      • LEGO® Disney™

                        LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights Part 1 – RACE TO LOOKOUT POINT

                        After an exciting race to Lookout Point to view the Northern Lights, Anna and Elsa arrive to find… nothing. The lights have gone missing! With the help of Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, they embark on a quest to the far north to find them – but will a sudden winter storm stop them in their tracks?

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                          Sparkle Art Inspiration: Princess Tiara

                          Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw your very own princess tiara

                          • LEGO® Disney™

                            Sparkle Art Inspiration: Birthday Invitation

                            Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to create your very own birthday invitation

                            • LEGO® Disney™

                              Sparkle Art Inspiration: Princess Dress

                              Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw your very own princess dress

                              • LEGO® Disney™

                                LEGO® Disney™ Aladdin – Jasmine’s Story!

                                Everybody has heard Aladdin’s side of the story, now it’s Jasmine’s turn! As the royal princess of a huge kingdom, she has lots of responsibilities, but she also wants to learn more about the people who live in her country. Watch her wild adventure through Agrabah as she teams up with Aladdin to defeat Jafar and save her kingdom!

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                                  LEGO® Disney™

                                  Elsa and the Nokk’s Ice Stable

                                  Take care of the Nokk with Disney’s Elsa! Visit the forest with Elsa and discover the Nokk’s stable, nestled in the trees. Look at the icicles and gems hanging from the branches. On top of the stable is a sparkling snowflake. Open the chest and find some carrots to feed the Nokk. Help Elsa brush the Nokk, then go for an exciting ride through the snow!

                                  • 76832

                                    LEGO® Disney™

                                    XL-15 Spaceship

                                    Blast off into the world of Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear! Help Buzz Lightyear prepare his XL-15 craft for takeoff. Lift his trusty sidekick Sox into his seat. Don’t forget the robot cat’s laptop! Close the cockpit and Buzz is ready to fly off on his next galactic adventure. Display your cool model on its stand to show it off to your friends.

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                                      LEGO® Disney™

                                      Cinderella's Carriage

                                      Join Cinderella in her enchanted carriage for an exciting ride! Meet the dashing Prince Charming, and play with Cinderella's cute little puppy and help her get ready for the ball. Then rush back home before the magic disappears! Be part of the classic fairy tale with LEGO® Juniors l Disney Princess™!

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                                        LEGO® Disney™

                                        Belle's Story Time

                                        Share an enchanting tale of adventure in LEGO® Juniors 10762 Belle’s Story Time, with Disney Princess Belle and her friends at the Beast’s castle! Make some tea with Mrs. Potts before you pack up the trolley, then help Chip on board and head out to the park. Take a spin with Cogsworth on the magical table after the tea party and head back to the tower to read a special Disney Beauty and the Beast story with your favorite LEGO® ǀ Disney Princess™ toys!

                                        • 43187

                                          LEGO® Disney™

                                          Rapunzel's Tower

                                          Explore Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Tower and discover the secrets inside! See the view from the balcony with Pascal, then help Rapunzel finish her painting in her hobby room. Go to the cave at the base of the tower and see what’s behind the secret door. Then have a swing, relax by the fire, or visit The Snuggly Duckling tavern with Flynn Rider. After a full day, head to bed and rest for tomorrow!

                                          • 43213

                                            LEGO® Disney™

                                            The Little Mermaid Story Book

                                            Discover new worlds with this fun LEGO® ǀ Disney set! Swim with Disney’s Ariel and explore her cave of treasures. Wander into Ursula’s mysterious lair and see what secrets she has tucked away. Then head to the surface and visit Prince Eric’s library. What’s that hidden in the bookcase? Play out some of the thrilling moments from the upcoming live-action movie or make up new stories of your own!

                                            • 41168

                                              LEGO® Disney™

                                              Elsa's Jewelry Box Creation

                                              Make your own beautiful Frozen II jewelry box inspired by Elsa’s ice castle and keep all your treasures inside! Spin the turntables to see Elsa and the Nokk, a mythical water spirit, spin around in front of the mirror. Flick the special lock to open the drawer and store your favorite jewelry pieces inside – plus there's 2 new LEGO® rings inside to add to your collection!

                                              • 43225

                                                LEGO® Disney™

                                                The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell

                                                Experience an underwater world with this unique LEGO® ǀ Disney Princess™ set! Start exploring as you build King Triton’s throne rock, Disney Princess Ariel’s cave of earthly treasures and Ursula’s mysterious lair. Discover lots of exciting details from both the animated and live-action The Little Mermaid movies as you swim with Ariel, then set up this impressive model for display!

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                                                  LEGO® Disney™

                                                  Bruni the Salamander Buildable Character

                                                  Discover and charm an adorable creature! Bruni, a feisty fire spirit from Disney’s Frozen 2 who spreads his flame when tensions rise, loves cooling off with Elsa’s magic. Show him you’re a friend, then have some fun. Chase snowflakes or toast marshmallows by a cozy fire. Go on adventures with the cute salamander and discover his identity as the elemental fire spirit from the Enchanted Forest!

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                                                    LEGO® Disney™

                                                    Disney Celebration Train

                                                    All aboard the parade train! Join beloved Disney and Pixar characters for a 100th-anniversary celebration. Hop on board the engine with Mickey Mouse, then visit Moana on her island float with its hidden cave. Swing onto Peter Pan’s pirate-ship float to see Tinker Bell. Visit Woody’s ‘Roundup’ float with its revolving stage. When you get to the station, you can party with Minnie Mouse!

                                                    • 41149

                                                      LEGO® Disney™

                                                      Moana's Island Adventure

                                                      Discover the legends of Te Fiti with Moana and Pua the pig at grandmother’s house and study the map of the island while cooking a fish supper over the fire. Then set off for the waterfall and use the secret reveal function to help Moana find the heart of Te Fiti! Play the drums in the cave to find out if Moana is set to become a voyager, just like her ancestors from the legends.

                                                      • 41145

                                                        LEGO® Disney™

                                                        Ariel and the Magical Spell

                                                        Enter Disney Princess™ Ariel’s secret cave and discover all the treasures she has found under the sea! Hang out with Flounder and play among the rocks. Visit the sea witch Ursula in her grotto—will Ariel sign the contract and trade her voice for human legs and the chance to live above the water? Use the revolving stand to transform Ariel from a mermaid to a human and walk on her legs for the first time.

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                                                          Elsa's Market Adventure

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                                                            LEGO® | Disney Minisodes – Rapunzel in “The Tower”

                                                            What do you do when you’ve been dreaming about something for ages and it’s almost within reach? Watch Rapunzel take a leap of faith and start an amazing adventure in our LEGO® | Disney mini scene from the Disney story, Tangled.

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                                                              Ariel in the Shipwreck Adventure

                                                              Ariel is missing from the concert rehearsal so her sister Alana goes in search of her and ends up trapped in a shipwreck. Then Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder have to rescue her, with the help of a friendly dolphin.

                                                              • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                Sparkle Art Inspiration: Jasmine's Name Tag

                                                                Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw your very own name tag

                                                                • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                  Cinderella in Blown Away

                                                                  Cinderella's invitation for Prince Charming is blown away by the wind. She has to climb a tree, then build steps to the top of the castle in order to rescue it.

                                                                  • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                    Sparkle Art Inspiration: Pascal

                                                                    Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw the chameleon Pascal from Disney's Tangled

                                                                    • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                      Sparkle Art Inspiration: Ice Cream

                                                                      Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw an ice cream

                                                                      • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                        Sparkle Art Inspiration: Cinderella's Castle

                                                                        Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw Cinderella's castle

                                                                        • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                          Sparkle Art Inspiration: Olaf

                                                                          Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw Olaf from Disney's Frozen

                                                                          • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                            Sparkle Art Inspiration: Maximus

                                                                            Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw the horse Maximus from Disney's Tangled

                                                                            • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                              Treasure in Whisker Haven

                                                                              Treasure is introduced. She is swimming at the pool, then has some strawberry sorbet before heading off to the Pawty at the Pawlace.

                                                                              • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                                LEGO® DISNEY MOANA 2017 Moana Movie Trailer

                                                                                Anything is possible with a little help from your friends! Check out Moana and her shipmates as she gets ready for an ocean adventure!