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LEGO® Disney™ Aladdin – Jasmine’s Story!


    Everybody has heard Aladdin’s side of the story, now it’s Jasmine’s turn! As the royal princess of a huge kingdom, she has lots of responsibilities, but she also wants to learn more about the people who live in her country. Watch her wild adventure through Agrabah as she teams up with Aladdin to defeat Jafar and save her kingdom!

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        Sparkle Art Inspiration: Princess Dress

        Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw your very own princess dress

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          Rapunzel and the Dream Horse

          Rapunzel is painting outside, painting everything she can see! Meanwhile, Maximus tries to sneak up and steal her fresh-baked croissant. Rapunzel catches her friend as he comes close and ends up painting the perfect picture…of him.

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            Sparkle Art Inspiration: Ice Cream

            Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw an ice cream

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              Dreamy in Whisker Haven

              Dreamy is introduced. She has been having a lovely catnap and when she wakes up, she decides to practice her song for the pawty. It sounds very strange until she realizes that the music sheet was upside down!

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                31200 Disney

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                  Create and Rebuild: Sleeping Beauty's Royal Bedroom

                  Watch and be inspired as Maya and Andrea redecorate Sleeping Beauty's Royal Bedroom!

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                    LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights Part 2 – OUT OF THE STORM

                    Having survived a sudden storm, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf search for the missing Northern Lights by heading to the highest point in the kingdom: Elsa’s Ice Palace on North Mountain. There, a fleeting glimpse of the lights leads them farther north towards treacherous terrain.

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                      LEGO® | Disney Minisodes – Ariel in “Legs at Last”

                      If you love someone, should you really set them free? For King Triton, it’s a difficult decision to let his daughter Ariel go. Watch our LEGO® | Disney mini scene from the classic Disney story, The Little Mermaid.

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                        Cinderella in Blown Away

                        Cinderella's invitation for Prince Charming is blown away by the wind. She has to climb a tree, then build steps to the top of the castle in order to rescue it.

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                          Create and Rebuild: Ariel's Undersea Palace

                          Our LEGO® girls Selma and Kaya will show you how to redecorate Ariel's Undersea Palace!

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                            Disney Frozen 2 – See Things Differently

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                              LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights PART 4 – RESTORING THE NORTHERN LIGHTS

                              Anna, Elsa and Kristoff finally make it to the top of the Great Glacier where they find Grand Pabbie and learn the cause behind the missing Northern Lights. Can Grand Pabbie restore the lights to the sky so they may relive their happy childhood memories? And will Olaf finally have a chance to try something worth melting for: his first mug of hot chocolate?

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                                LEGO® Disney™

                                Berry's Kitchen

                                Get to work with Disney Snow White’s bunny, Berry, in her woodland kitchen. She just loves baking cakes and hosting tea parties for her friends! Head out of the beautiful tree gate and pick some of the hanging berries to decorate her cake, then place it on the table in front of the window. Now sit down with a hot drink, ready for the tea party to begin!

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                                  LEGO® Disney™

                                  Ariel's Undersea Palace

                                  Dive right into an incredible underwater adventure with Ariel, her sister Alana and her friends Sebastian and Flounder! Help Ariel and Alana get ready for a concert in their dressing room with vanity and sofa. Then put on a show-stopping performance with the gang on the piano, maracas and microphone. Admire Ariel's collection of bits and pieces from the human world in her secret grotto, and frolic in the waves with Flounder and a friendly dolphin. Help Ariel enjoy some sweet treats with her friends and when the day is done, slide her through a trap door, down a slide and straight into her clamshell bed. It's all up to you! First have fun building Ariel's Undersea Palace. Then it's time to play! Includes Ariel and Alana mini-doll figures, plus Sebastian the crab, Flounder the fish and a dolphin.

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                                    LEGO® Disney™

                                    Mickey Mouse

                                  • LEGO Juniors - 10765 Ariel's Underwater Concert - Ariel sings, Sebastian plays drums and Flounder listens to the music together with the dolphin who pulls the chariot.


                                      LEGO® Disney™

                                      Ariel's Underwater Concert

                                      Ride with Disney Princess Ariel in her royal dolphin carriage as she performs a LEGO® Juniors 10765 Ariel’s Underwater Concert! Meet up with Flounder and find a mysterious chest filled with treasures. Then head back to the castle for Ariel’s concert, where Sebastian is eagerly waiting to start the show. There's always something fun to do with your favorite LEGO ǀ Disney Princess™!

                                      • 41062

                                        LEGO® Disney™

                                        Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

                                        Hop aboard the sleigh and join Anna and Olaf as they pay a visit to Queen Elsa's beautiful ice palace for some frosty fun! What will they do first? Play hide and seek behind the secret staircase, or go skating around the castle? They could ski down the ice hill or prepare frozen treats in the castle's ice cream bar and then get ready for a picnic in the snow under the magnificent icicle tree. It's all up to you! First have fun building Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle. Then it's time to play! Includes Queen Elsa and Princess Anna mini-doll figures, plus Olaf the snowman.

                                      • LEGO Disney Princess 41065 Rapunzel's Best Day Ever


                                          LEGO® Disney™

                                          Rapunzel's Best Day Ever

                                          Run free with Rapunzel and her friend Maximus the horse for one special day! Have fun on the swing as she dips her feet into the water for the first time and touches the magic flower to renew her powers. Create a beautiful canvas with the paintbrush and then pick an apple from the tree for Maximus. There's also hay and water for him to enjoy while you prepare food in the tower kitchen. What an amazing day!

                                          • 41068

                                            LEGO® Disney™

                                            Arendelle Castle Celebration

                                            Help Elsa and Olaf prepare the courtyard outside for Anna's party, but keep the Snowgies away from all the sweets! It's time to wake Anna up and search for her birthday presents hidden in the castle. What kind of presents will she get? Get ready at the vanity in Anna's bedroom. Search for gifts in the living room with its grandfather clock. Then slide down the roof into the courtyard for cake and birthday celebrations!

                                            • 41142

                                              LEGO® Disney™

                                              Palace Pets Royal Castle

                                              Princess Aurora's cat, Dreamy, and Pocahontas' pet raccoon, Windflower, have invited all their friends to a ball at the Palace Pets Royal Castle. Climb up to the lookout tower—can you see the guests arriving? Put on a performance with the piano then move over to the revolving dance floor to dance the night away. After the party, each Palace Pet has its own place to sleep in the royal castle.

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                                                LEGO® Disney™

                                                Anna & Elsa's Frozen Playground

                                                Have some winter fun with your favorite Disney Frozen characters! Help Anna load the catapult with snowballs and then launch them into the air. Hold onto the fountain as it spins around, and send the polar bear cub whizzing down the slide. Put on the skis and take a trip down the snowy ramp, then warm up with a hot drink before opening the treasure chest to discover the hidden ice crystals. There's so much to do in the magical Winter Playground!

                                              • LEGO Disney Princess 41067 Belle's Enchanted Castle


                                                  LEGO® Disney™

                                                  Belle's Enchanted Castle

                                                  Explore the castle with all of Belle's magical friends and find a special book in the library, or head up to the balcony room to check on the enchanted rose. Help Cogsworth and Lumière put on a musical banquet for the Beast in the dining room, and wheel in Mrs. Potts and Chip on their trolley to serve tea. Then dance all night under the chandelier as Belle falls in love with the Beast and breaks the magic spell.

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                                                    LEGO® Disney™

                                                    Ariel's Storybook Adventures

                                                    Open the book and explore a whole micro-world in and out of the water! Dive under the waves to discover all the amazing things under the waves. Perch on Disney Princess Ariel’s seashell and listen to Sebastian and Flounder make some music. Then swim to the surface with her to walk on land. Wait, it’s Prince Eric! Can Ariel make a splash and win him over before it’s too late, or is her voice gone forever under the sea?

                                                  • LEGO Juniors - 10762 Belle's Story Time - Belle reads a books to mrs. Potts and her child the cup next to the tower where the magical rose is.


                                                      LEGO® Disney™

                                                      Belle's Story Time

                                                      Share an enchanting tale of adventure in LEGO® Juniors 10762 Belle’s Story Time, with Disney Princess Belle and her friends at the Beast’s castle! Make some tea with Mrs. Potts before you pack up the trolley, then help Chip on board and head out to the park. Take a spin with Cogsworth on the magical table after the tea party and head back to the tower to read a special Disney Beauty and the Beast story with your favorite LEGO® ǀ Disney Princess™ toys!

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                                                        Watch Olaf’s Top Moments from Disney Frozen 2

                                                        Get ready to watch Olaf’s top moments from Disney Frozen 2 made from LEGO bricks! What is your favorite Olaf moment? Comment below. Frozen 2 is now streaming on Disney+

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                                                          Sparkle Art Inspiration: Pascal

                                                          Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw the chameleon Pascal from Disney's Tangled

                                                          • LEGO® Disney™

                                                            Create and Rebuild: Jasmine's Exotic Palace

                                                            Can you redecorate Jasmine's Exotic Palace? Watch and be inspired as Maya and Andrea make it sparkle!

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                                                              Designer Video - Cinderella

                                                              Cinderella arrives at the castle, but leaves her horse alone outside. The horse isn’t too about it, but this might change if you help Cinderella build a stable with food for the horse.

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                                                                A LEGO Brand Disney Princess Fairy Tale

                                                                Watch A LEGO® Brand Disney Princess™ Fairy Tale Video

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                                                                  Create and Rebuild: Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

                                                                  Redecorating with LEGO® is easy and fun! Watch Selma and Kaya redecorate Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle!

                                                                  • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                    Elsa's Market Adventure

                                                                    • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                      Cinderella’s Sparkling Slipper

                                                                      Watch Cinderella's shoe being built in sparkling LEGO® bricks!

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                                                                        LEGO | Disney Minisode Ariel in The Little Mermaid

                                                                        Can Ariel find a way to explore the world above the sea? Join our LEGO | Disney minisode of the classic Disney story, The Little Mermaid, told in LEGO bricks!

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                                                                          LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights Part 1 – RACE TO LOOKOUT POINT

                                                                          After an exciting race to Lookout Point to view the Northern Lights, Anna and Elsa arrive to find… nothing. The lights have gone missing! With the help of Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, they embark on a quest to the far north to find them – but will a sudden winter storm stop them in their tracks?

                                                                          • LEGO® Disney™

                                                                            LEGO® | Disney Minisodes – Belle in “Snowballs”

                                                                            Is Beast really that beastly? Watch Belle find out, in our LEGO® | Disney small version of the snowball scene from Beauty and the Beast.

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                                                                              31200 Shopper Video