LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes VIDEOS

Surprise Attack on Metropolis Park
Mother Box Mission - Justice League - LEGO DC Super Heroes
LEGO Batman 3 Launch Trailer
76086 Knightcrawler Attack
LEGO batman 3 Season Pass
Flash Is Bored
Flash at the Zoo
76097 Lex Luthor Mech Takedown
LEGO Batman 3 Celebrity Trailer
Cosmic Clash Earth Has A Firewall

Trailer Video

76098 Speed Force Freeze Pursuit
Ah Laser Eyes
Challenge Home sweet home
Unbox and build
The Penguin Is Poached
Beyond the Instructions - Custom Justice League Knightcrawler Attack
Batman At Car Wash
Cyborg Clapping
LEGO Batman 3 Design Trailer
LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros
DC Mighty Micro Power Ups
Great Scott
Batman vs Superman 30 sec
Justice League Team Up
Batman Rope Training - Stop Motion Animation
2016 LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Build Something Super Trailer
Superman and the Phone Booth - Stop Motion Animation

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DC Mighty Micro Power Ups!
Surprise Attack on Metropolis Park
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LEGO Batman 3 Comicon Trailer
Cosmic Clash opening Titles
Cosmic Clash Flash vs Brainiac
Sky High Battle
DC Super Jumpers Target Practice
LEGO DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros App Trailer
DC Super Jumpers Jokerland
LEGO - The Build Zone - Gorilla Grodd Episode
Justice League vs Bizarro league trailer
Build Zone - DC Super Heroes - Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack
76096 Superman and Krypto Team-Up
Cosmic Clash An In-Depth Plan
LEGO DC Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom Trailer
Challenge Take it to the bridge
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes
Superman at Dry Cleaners
Hands On
Hero Video
LEGO Batman 3 Character Trailer
DC Super Jumpers Justice League Tag Team
DC Super Jumpers Jump the Shark
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes
Cosmic Clash Batman At Sea
Darkseid Invasion
LEGO DC Cosmic Clash
LEGO Batman 3 Brainiac Trailer