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Who’ll win the lunar space race?


    Join the astronauts on the lunar surface for an out-of-this-world space race!

      • LEGO® City

        Who’s BEAM firing the laser?

        Uh-oh! It’s best not to press buttons when you don’t know what they’re for.

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          LEGO® City Hospital Race

          It’s race day at the LEGO® City Hospital! But who’ll be first to cross the finish line? Check out this ‘QUACKERS’ video to find out!

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            City Sweeper

            • LEGO® City

              Let’s make life and work awesome!

              No matter what kind of awesome you are into, you can make it happen!

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                Fire drone surfing is awesome!

                Check out this flying firefighter’s cool mid-air maneuvers! How will you make firefighting awesome? Share your creations on LEGO® Life!

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                  LEGO® City School

                  Going to School is AWESOME!

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                    Keep the creativity flowing!

                    Check out this compilation of cool creations! Upload a picture of your masterwork and it could be featured in our next video. Big shoutout to all our Featured Users, we hope you like this tribute!

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                      Zoom in for a WINNING LEGO® City Stuntz montage!

                      Get inspired with this awesome montage of epic LEGO® City Stuntz wins! See the victorious riders smash the Wheel of all Wheels and Giant Wall of Cups challenges! What will YOUR next Stuntz course be?

                      • LEGO® City

                        ZOOM in for a spectacular Stuntz Challenge!

                        It’s Red vs. Blue – Spotlight vs. Alex. Check out this pencil-pounding, tunnel-travelling, hoop-hopping LEGO® City Stuntz challenge! Power and accuracy are the key to victory! Who will prevail? You get to find out right here! Tricks AND selfie sticks? Leave that stuff to the minifigures. Always ride safe.

                        • LEGO® City

                          Check out this shark-infested Wheelie Challenge!

                          Join the awesome Stuntz teams for the terrifying LEGO® City Stuntz Wheelie Challenge! Bravery, balance and a love of heights, lava and sharks are the key to victory! Who’ll win? Will it be the red team with the soaring super-mind Rocket Racer, or the blue team with the cool-headed creator Raze?

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                            Check out ‘Wheelie’s’ donut delivery service!

                            Hey! Chief Wheeler and his team really have it figured out when it comes to donut deliveries! How would you make police work awesome? Check out this video and share YOUR ideas right here!

                            • LEGO® City

                              Wallop’s Hospital Stunt Show

                              Watch Wallop doing stunts outside and inside the LEGO® City Hospital.

                            LEGO® City Sets

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                              • 60262

                                LEGO® City

                                Passenger Airplane

                                All aboard for exciting journeys to exotic locations! The huge LEGO® City Passenger Plane is prepared and ready for boarding. LEGO City TV’s Poppy Starr has arrived along with her cool red convertible! Help the ground crew load up the automobile, roll the airstair into position and show the passengers to their seats. Then check the lavatory is vacated before thundering down the runway for a perfect departure!

                                • 60226

                                  LEGO® City

                                  Mars Research Shuttle

                                  LEGO® City Space Agency needs you! Join the exciting LEGO brick space mission for kids to planet Mars. Blast off in the shuttle and head to Mars to do some research. Pilot the rover over the surface to recover the geodes, then load them into the storage drone and send it up to the shuttle's cargo bay. Send the helidrone to that interesting patch of ground, what do you see? It's another successful Mars exploration mission! Pssst! Did you know that this playset is inspired by real-life NASA missions? Cool, right!

                                  • 60086

                                    LEGO® City

                                    LEGO® City Starter Set

                                    Vroom… bang! The crook is making a getaway aboard his high-powered speedboat with a backpack full of loot when the outboard motor bursts into flames. Call in the fireboat to douse the flames! Uh-oh, the crook needs medical attention! Jump aboard the medical rescue helicopter, land on the water and assist the injured crook. When you're done, radio the high-speed police watercraft waiting offshore. It's time to slap the handcuffs on the confused crook! Includes 5 minifigures with assorted accessories: 2 firefighters, a pilot, crook and a police officer.

                                    • 60270

                                      LEGO® City

                                      Police Brick Box

                                      Oh no! A crook is making a getaway in his powerful truck with a stolen ATM. Mobilize the police officer on her superfast motorbike. Then help LEGO® City police hero lieutenant Duke DeTain intercept the crook in his cool police car. Screech… crash! Well intercepted! Now call out the police dog and take that crook back to the police station jail where he belongs. Another successful arrest in LEGO City!

                                      • 60196

                                        LEGO® City

                                        Arctic Supply Plane

                                        Grab your warm gloves, the LEGO® City 60196 Arctic Supply Plane is about to take off! Gather the gear you need in the boxes and load them onto the cargo plane, before radioing the arctic expedition team to let them know you’re inbound. Land the plane near the dig site, then jump onto the ice scooter and check out what the explorer has found. Wow, what a nice specimen! Use the ice cutter to remove it, then drag it to the plane and get it secured, before you take off!

                                        • 60129

                                          LEGO® City

                                          Police Patrol Boat

                                          Toss the crook in the Police Patrol Boat's holding cell and start the cruise to Prison Island to drop him off. Watch out, another crook has pulled alongside and is trying to break the prisoner out of the cell with the getaway boat's anchor. Can you stop them escaping and bring the crooks to justice?

                                          • 60236

                                            LEGO® City

                                            Straight and T-junction

                                            Expand your LEGO® City roads with Straight and T-junction plates! Connect the different road sections to your existing set, load up one of your semi-trucks or sports cars and set off on another exciting journey!

                                            • 60122

                                              LEGO® City

                                              Volcano Crawler

                                              Exploring is hard work! Bring some heavy lifting power to break up the boulder and discover what's inside. Drive the Volcano Crawler over the rough terrain and use the ATV to move the rocks into position. Use the jackhammer to crack open the boulder and find the hidden crystal element. Discovering cool things makes the hard work fun!

                                              • 60169

                                                LEGO® City

                                                Cargo Terminal

                                                Raise the barrier and greet the truck driver as he arrives for a delivery! Pull up in the loading area and bring in the forklift to load the pallets into their containers. Then call the telehandler to move the containers onto the truck. Make sure they're secure before heading out for another delivery. It's always a busy day at the LEGO® City Cargo Terminal!

                                                • 60057

                                                  LEGO® City

                                                  Camper Van

                                                  Prepare for exciting outdoor adventures with the cool Camper Van! Find the perfect riverside spot, offload the canoe from the roof and put on the life vests. Then push off into the water for an exciting day of exploration, before returning for a good night's sleep in the spacious Camper Van when the sun goes down. Collect this and all the other vehicles in the Great Vehicles range! Includes 2 adventurer minifigures with assorted accessories.

                                                  • 60115

                                                    LEGO® City

                                                    4 x 4 Off Roader

                                                    Get the 4x4 Off Roader ready for the big desert race! Check the spare tire and make sure it's pumped up and then fill the gas can. Use the tools to check out the truck and then strap the driver in. Excitement roars around every corner in LEGO® City!

                                                    • 60272

                                                      LEGO® City

                                                      Police Boat Transport

                                                      Vroom! Clara the Criminal is making a twilight escape in a superfast speedboat loaded with stolen treasure. Mobilize LEGO® City TV hero Duke DeTain and race to the scene in the armored off-roader. Then unload the cool police dinghy from the trailer, grab the night vision goggles and set off in hot pursuit before she escapes into the darkness. Another action-packed LEGO City Police adventure!

                                                    LEGO® City

                                                    LEGO® City Stuntz Ride

                                                    Feel the thrill and put your stunts skills to the test in the city. Jump, crush and wheelie like no other rides!

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                                                        • LEGO® City

                                                          Ramp up the fun with this SMASHING Stuntz Challenge!

                                                          Join the awesome Stuntz teams for the LEGO® City Stuntz Wall of Cups Challenge! Accuracy and a steady nerve is the key to victory, but who’ll win? Will it be the red team with the mysterious Incogn!tro, or the blue team with the demolition daredevil Wallop?

                                                          • LEGO® City

                                                            Cool crook-catching content!

                                                            Check out these WILD ‘Villains on Vacation’ creations! Keep the content flowing, and your masterwork could be featured in our next video! Big shout-out to all our Featured Users, we hope you like this cool compilation.

                                                            • LEGO® City

                                                              ZOOM in for another awesome Stuntz Challenge!

                                                              Join the awesome Stuntz teams for a croc-infested Halloween LEGO® City Stuntz Challenge! Who’ll win? Will it be the red team with the fearless fire chief Freya McCloud, or the blue team with the high-flying Chicken Guy?

                                                              • LEGO® City

                                                                LEGO® City Construction

                                                                Street Section Spinning is AWESOME!

                                                                • LEGO® City

                                                                  Hospital Tour

                                                                  It’s wild, exciting and super-energetic at the LEGO® City Hospital! See how many characters you can recognize in this fun video.

                                                                  • LEGO® City

                                                                    LEGO CITY Fire dog

                                                                    Fire dog to the rescue!

                                                                    • LEGO® City

                                                                      CITY Stuntz Hero Film

                                                                      • LEGO® City

                                                                        Freya Fire Chief

                                                                        • LEGO® City

                                                                          Check out the Wheel of all Wheels Stuntz Challenge!

                                                                          Join the Stuntz teams for the dazzling Wheel of all Wheels Stuntz challenge! Perfect timing, soaring speed and a lot of luck is the key to victory! But who’ll win? Will it be the blue team with high-flying Clemmons the Chicken Guy or the red team with the mysterious masked rider Incogn!tro? Let’s find out! Tricks AND selfie sticks? Leave that stuff to the minifigures. Always ride safe.

                                                                          • LEGO® City

                                                                            Police dancing is AWESOME!

                                                                            Check out Chief Wheeler and his officers making their own dance routine joined by some snake-hipped crooks! How would you make police work awesome? Share your creations right here on LEGO® Life!

                                                                            • LEGO® City

                                                                              Check out these inspiring LEGO® City Stuntz courses!

                                                                              Power up your creativity with this montage of epic LEGO® City Stuntz courses, including the Scariest Cup O’Gaters and the Lava Shark Crossing! Packed with inspiration for your own Stuntz course creations!

                                                                              • LEGO® City

                                                                                Flying firetrucks are awesome!

                                                                                Check out these cool-headed, high-flying, cat-rescuing firefighters! How will you make firefighting awesome? Share your creations right here on LEGO® Life!

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