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How to code the Gonk Droid


    See how easy it is to choose a mission, code your droid, and join in the fun with the Gonk Droid and the LEGO® BOOST Star Wars™ app. Watch, build, code and play!

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        Bring your LEGO® dragon to Life!

        Watch how you can rebuild the BOOST Creative Toolbox and the NINJAGO® Stormbringer dragon into a robot that can move, roar, and more!

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          LEGO® BOOST How-To Video Troubleshooting: How to Share Your Code

          Do you want to share your LEGO® BOOST code? Find out more by watching this video.

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            No... NO!!!

            Vernie the Robot doesn’t seem happy to be caught on the KISS CAM with Frankie!

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              TROUBLESHOOTING: How To Check Build Level Difficulty in LEGO BOOST

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                How to code the Mouse Droid

                Join the mission and code your Mouse Droid in just a few taps! See how easy it is with the LEGO® BOOST Star Wars™ app. Watch the video and get coding!

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                  Dress-up battle

                  Hey, robots have to look good, too!

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                    LEGO® BOOST How-To Video: CREATOR EXPERT 10261 ROLLER COASTER

                    Upgrade the Roller Coaster with LEGO® BOOST for automated chain lift activation and realistic sound effects!

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                      Meet the Mouse Droid: quick helper!

                      If you ever find yourself aboard a starship, you’ll probably meet one of these little guys: they’re really good at guiding visitors, passing on messages and fixing small problems. But be careful not to scare them, or they’ll squeak! Watch the video and see the Mouse Droid in action. Beep! Skills: • Shooting • Delivering messages • Hiding their spinning power-saw!

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                        What’s new? See all the fun activities

                        Are you ready for new challenges with your BOOST robots? The new app update is ready and full of fun and activities with Vernie, Frankie and all the other robots :) (robot emoji)

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                          LEGO® BOOST How-To Video Troubleshooting: How to Change A Sound

                          Changing the sounds on your LEGO® BOOST app is easy! Just watch this video to find out how.

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                            How to code the R2-D2 droid

                            See how to choose, code, and complete awesome missions with R2-D2 and the LEGO® BOOST Star Wars™ app. Coding is easy and fun – have a look!

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                              Vernie Is Looking for a Date!

                              Would you be his brick date?


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                            Creative Toolbox

                            Bring your LEGO® creations to life and learn to code with the amazing LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox, your fun way of interacting with LEGO bricks. Choose one of the 5 models, open the app to find the building instructions, then build, customize and code it to complete lots of fun activities and challenges. Build Vernie, your own personal talking robot friend, and start the fun! Navigate him through an obstacle course, use his shooter to practice target shots, have him tell jokes, dance and beatbox, or even turn him into a game host for you and your friends—you control what he does next! Complete the 60+ fun activities included with the app to gradually progress, gather more coding blocks and increase your basic coding skills. Rebuild your model to discover new games and coding blocks – each model comes with dedicated abilities and missions. Choose between the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4), Guitar4000, Frankie the Cat or the AutoBuilder, all controlled via your smart device. And when you’ve completed all of the challenges, you can open the app’s Creative Canvas to build your own creations and code them to do awesome things – there’s no end to what you can create.

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                              LEGO® BOOST

                              The LEGO® BOOST app

                              Combine this app with the LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox (17101) set to bring your creations to life! Enjoy more than 60 fun activities with simple drag-n’-drop coding, watch videos and access digital LEGO Building Instructions. Have fun with LEGO models that can move, talk and respond to real-world events. Take your experience to another level with advanced coding. Build and BOOST your own robot toy creations and control them from your tablet device. All it takes is three simple steps: BUILD, CODE and PLAY! Is your device compatible? Please go to to check if your device is compatible. Ask your parents’ permission before going online.

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                                    Get Started with LEGO® BOOST!

                                    Time to move! Here’s how to get started with LEGO® BOOST and the Creative Toolbox!

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                                      Check out Vernie’s 8 golf tricks at home!

                                      Vernie’s golf course looks awesome! Try it out yourself!