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    Folding clothes stinks!…unless you add LEGO® Batman™!

      • LEGO® The Batman Movie

        Join the Bat-Family!

        Build a vehicle, gadget or tool to help Batgirl™ and Robin™ transport villains to Arkham.

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        • LEGO® The Batman Movie

          LEGO® Batman™ Designer Series #1: Great Vehicles

          Get ready to see some awesome custom THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE builds as LEGO designer Joe shows you how he BUILDS SOMETHING BATMAN™!

          • LEGO® The Batman Movie

            The LEGO® Batman™ Movie Teaser – Batcave

            Get ready for a whole lot of LEGO Batman... Here's a teaser for the #LEGOBatmanMovie

            • LEGO® The Batman Movie

              LEGO® Batman Movie: The Bat Space Shuttle Unboxing - The Build Zone

              Unbox & build the LEGO® Batman Movie: The Bat Space Shuttle set. Watch Catwoman & Dick Grayson launch into space for some fun while Batman enjoys his cave.

              • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                LEGO® Batman™ Designer Series #5: Wacky Creations

                LEGO® designers Pablo and Bjarke BUILD SOMETHING BATMAN™ with wacky and unique builds using their THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE collection.

                • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                  Transformation Trouble

                  A glitch in the Batcave’s transformation chamber sends LEGO® Batman™ into different dimensions!

                  • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                    Batboat Beyond - Beyond the Instructions

                    Beyond the Instructions heads to Gotham City to take on the huge LEGO® Batman Movie set, Batcave Break-in. Favoring the Bat Boat included in the set, Erik gets the batty idea to make a bigger version that is remote controlled, actually floats and is armed with an awesome ejector seat.

                    • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                      LEGO® Batman™ Designer Series #4: Micro Builds

                      Small builds = Big fun! THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE designer Justin shows of his micro builds, and some tips, as he BUILDS SOMETHING BATMAN™.

                      • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                        Join The Joker™!

                        Join The Joker™ and help him take over Gotham!

                        • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                          LEGO® Batman™ Takes the Bus

                          Waiting for the bus can really be a drag…unless you add LEGO® Batman™!

                          • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                            The LEGO® Batman™ Movie Teaser – Wayne Manor

                            A movie so big, it needs two videos. Here's another teaser for the #LEGOBatmanMovie

                            • LEGO® The Batman Movie

                              LEGO® Batman™ Building challenge

                              Watch the video then take something that's really boring in your house and make it more AWESOME with LEGO® Batman™ and your LEGO collection!

                            LEGO® The Batman Movie Sets

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                              • 70923

                                LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                The Bat-Space Shuttle

                                Get set for a thrilling space mission in THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 70923 The Bat-Space Shuttle! Prepare with Batman™ and Dick Grayson™ in the Batcave—and watch out for Super-Villain Catwoman™ who is trying to sneak in on the action. Row around the Batcave in the Bat-Kayak. Choose a funky outfit from the sliding costume rail—will you go for the Reggae Man Batsuit, Space Batsuit or Firestarter Batsuit? The choice is yours. Grab a Batarang from the weapon rack, jump in the shuttle cockpit and launch into orbit. Detach the massive triple-boosters, land on the moon and then go exploring with the Bat-Moon Buggy!

                                • 70909

                                  LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                  Batcave Break-in

                                  The Penguin™ has broken in on his Duckmobile and is about to uncover all of Batman’s secrets! Transform from Bruce Wayne™ into Batman™. Find the intruders on the Batcomputer screens in the rotating control center. Select the Scu-Batsuit, Raging Batsuit or The Bat-Pack Batsuit from the wardrobe and get ready for battle! Attack with the Batboat's spring-loaded missiles and stud shooters and steer clear of the Duckmobile's weapons. Capture the penguin invaders in the prison cell… but watch out, they could explode their way out again!

                                  • 70920

                                    LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                    Egghead™ Mech Food Fight

                                    Team up with Batman™ against Egghead™ and Condiment King™ for THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 70920 Egghead Mech Food Fight! Dodge the Egghead Mech’s fried egg disc shooter and massive spinning, grabbing whisk. Take cover as the Condiment King tries to splatter you with his ketchup and mustard shooter. Battle back with Batman's grappling gun and win this eggy, saucy, messy food battle!

                                    • 70900

                                      LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                      The Joker™ Balloon Escape

                                      The Joker™ has planted a bomb at the Gotham City Energy Facility! Team up with Batman™ to intercept him before he blows up the power plant. Dispose of the bomb safely, but watch out—The Joker is putting on his balloon backpack and launching his escape. Aim the grappling gun and take down that grinning Super-Villain!

                                      • 70901

                                        LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                        Mr. Freeze™ Ice Attack

                                        Dash to Gotham City Energy Facility with Batman™ to intercept Mr. Freeze™ in his mighty Exosuit. Thaw the ice prison with Batman’s flamethrower to release the trapped security guard, then face-off against the Super-Villain. Dodge blasts from the Exosuit's freeze gun, and put the heat on with Batman's flamethrower. Only Batman can save the day!

                                        • 70906

                                          LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                          The Joker™ Notorious Lowrider

                                          The Joker™ is bouncing around Gotham City with Harley Quinn™ committing crimes wherever they go. Catch up with his Notorious Lowrider with Batgirl™, but beware of the hidden shooters in the trunk. Chase down Harley when she jumps off the side of the crazy car and tries to skate away. Capture this creepy pair before they cause any more chaos!

                                        • LEGO Batman Movie Arkham Asylum - 70912 - The villains of Gotham City have been caught and are inmates at the Arkham Asylum where they are controlled by police officers, doctors and Batman!


                                            LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                            Arkham Asylum

                                            Batman™ is sure The Joker™ is up to no good so defy Barbara Gordon’s warnings and enter the huge Arkham Asylum! Dash past the police car and through the x-ray security scanner at the entrance. Sneak past the GCPD officers, the head of the ward Aaron Cash and Dr. Harleen Quinzel™. Watch out for the inmates exercising in the yard or eating in the canteen. Track down The Joker and send him far away to the Phantom Zone with the Phantom Zone Projector!

                                            • 70902

                                              LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                              Catwoman™ Catcycle Chase

                                              Catwoman™ has robbed the jewelry store and is about to get away on her powerful Catcycle. Rush to the scene of the crime with Batgirl™ and Robin™ to intercept her. Watch out for Catwoman’s lashing whip and the falling lamppost she knocks over with her bike. Attack with Batgirl's Batarangs and leap off the roof of the store onto the Catcycle with Robin. Capture this Super-Villain and return the jewels!

                                              • 70910

                                                LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                                Scarecrow™ Special Delivery

                                                Scarecrow™ has an evil plan to release fear gas at Gotham City Energy Facility. Bring down the security barrier as he approaches on his pizza delivery bike. When the bike smashes through the barrier, leap off the roof with Batman™. Can you intercept Scarecrow before he pops off the sides of the cart and releases the toxic gas?

                                                • 70911

                                                  LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                                  The Penguin™ Arctic Roller

                                                  The Penguin™ is cruising around in his super-sleek car and causing chaos! Dash to intercept him with Batman™. Dodge the Arctic Roller’s spring-loaded missiles and bring the car to halt. But watch out! The Penguin has released the penguin mini escape pod from the trunk and is getting away. Can you capture this villain and save Gotham City from this menace?

                                                  • 70908

                                                    LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                                    The Scuttler

                                                    Emergency! The Joker™ and Poison Ivy™ with her vine monster have crashed Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party and taken hostages. Leap into the cockpit of the awesome Scuttler with Batman™ and scurry to the rescue. Fire the stud shooters and attach the hidden jetpack to fly into a duel with The Joker. Free Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson, then capture those villains with The Scuttler's net shooter!

                                                    • 70918

                                                      LEGO® The Batman Movie

                                                      The Bat-Dune Buggy

                                                      Jump into the cockpit of the THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 70918 Bat-Dune Buggy with Batman™! Power over bumps in the road and into battle with Captain Boomerang™. Steer clear of his boomerang attacks and fire back with the stud shooters. Then leap out of the Buggy and attack with Batman's Batarangs!

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                                                                LEGO® Batman™ Designer Series #3: Mechs

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                                                                    The Joker™ Manor Designer Video - LEGO® Batman™ Movie

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                                                                      LEGO Batman Movie Trailer

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                                                                        LEGO® Batman™ Designer Series #2: Land, Air and Sea

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