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To AdmiralGleefulSieve
Lego airplane from scratch
75171 Battle on Scarif
75537 Darth Maul
The Last Jedi 360 Experience
75536 Range Trooper
Maddie's putting on lipstick đź’„!
Wow! I love it! But 30$ meh
75170 The Phantom Product Animation
75172 Y Wing Starfighter
75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon
75535 Han Solo

Fun stuff

75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker
75188 Resistance Bomber
75190 First Order Star Destroyer
75169 Duel on Naboo
Battle Run
Star Wars The Force Awakens
Star Wars CTA
75180 Rathtar Escape
75221 Imperial Landing Craft
75534 Darth Vader
75168 Yodas Jedi Starfighter
75182 Republic Fighter Tank

Stuff you'll love

Jedi™ and Clone Troopers™ Battle Pack
Count Chewie’s Roars!
Imperial Patrol Battle Pack
75533 Boba Fett
75251 Darth Vader Castle
New Club
The Jungle Series : Day one
75183 Darth Vader Transformation
Tobias Beckett
General Grievous
75230 Porg
75185 Tracker I
Cassian Andor
Rebolt -  LEGO® Star Wars™ – Characters and Minigifures -
75213 Advent Calendar
Battle Droid Commander
75186 The Arrowhead
Battle Droid
Admiral Raddus
75220 Sandcrawler
LL_Decorate_All-Stars it Up Walkers Edition_Global_09Nov2018
75219 Imperial AT-Hauler
LL_Build_All-Star Carrier_Winner_Global_07Oct2018
75532 Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike

Cool stuff

75187 BB-8
Buildable Figures - The Last Jedi
75179 Kylo Rens TIE Fighter

Stuff you’ll like

75218 Product Animation X Wing Starfighter
75177 First Order Heavy Scout Walker
75200 Ahch To Island-training
LL_Decorate_All-Stars it Up TIE Edition_Global_28Sept2018
75230 Porg Product Video
75176 Resistance Transport Pod