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Shadow the Hedgehog Escape



    Help Shadow break out of his stasis chamber in the lab and make his escape! Race the motorcycle through the barricade before it slams shut. Look out – that Badnik, RhinoBot, is right behind you! Face off against RhinoBot and make sure it’s destroyed, then use extra speed to get away. Oh look… the Clucky got away, too. More adventures and fun await!

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    76995 Shadows Escape

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        • 76996

          Sonic the Hedgehog

          Knuckles' Guardian Mech

          Guard the Master Emerald with Knuckles and his awesome mech! Oh no, Rouge the Bat is swooping in with her glider to steal the Master Emerald. Watch out! Help Knuckles put the Guardian Mech’s fists up ready for punching and arm the dual blasters. Swing, Knuckles! Take care not to shatter the Master Emerald. Catch the glider and don’t let Rouge get away!

          • 76990

            Sonic the Hedgehog

            Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge

            Ready to build a course for Sonic? Use the speed sphere to send Sonic through the obstacles on his quest to defeat the Moto bug Badnik and set the Flicky free. Use your skills to launch Sonic as he collects the Rings, goes through the gateway and travels up the ramp to reach the Chaos Emerald. After saving the day, play with the Sonic figure along with the chili dog and DJ deck accessories.

            • 76994

              Sonic the Hedgehog

              Sonic's Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge

              Join Sonic and Amy in the ultimate challenge. Sonic’s archenemy Dr. Eggman has created a mech to capture Sonic’s animal friends. Launch Sonic in his speed sphere. See him fly through the loop-de-loop and the big ring before he knocks over Dr. Eggman’s mech to release the animals inside. Meanwhile, you can help Amy use her hammer to activate the traps that will defeat Badniks Chopper and Newtron.

              • 76992

                Sonic the Hedgehog

                Amy's Animal Rescue Island

                Help care for the animals that have been saved from the Badniks on Amy’s Animal Rescue Island. The animals love to slide into the pool, build sandcastles or enjoy the carousel. But what’s this? The Badnik Crabmeat has snuck onto the island to steal the animals. Luckily, Amy and Tails are prepared! Use the drawbridge and waterfall trap to defeat the Badnik so the animals can get back to playtime.

                • 76991

                  Sonic the Hedgehog

                  Tails' Workshop and Tornado Plane

                  Uh-oh! One of Sonic’s animal friends has been captured by a flying Badnik. Luckily Sonic’s pal Tails is here to help with the Tornado plane! Use the plane to collect the Rings and take out the Badnik before releasing Sonic’s Clucky friend. After the daring rescue, you can help Sonic and Tails care for the Clucky before heading to the workshop to repair the plane. What an exciting quest!

                  • 76993

                    Sonic the Hedgehog

                    Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Robot

                    The villainous Dr. Eggman and his minion, Cubot, are capturing animals to power up their inventions. Can you launch Sonic in the speed sphere so he can rescue his animal friends? You’ll need to avoid the spikes to ensure a clean hit on Dr. Eggman and power down his mech. With Dr. Eggman out of action, Sonic and his friends can explore the research station to gather intel for their next mission.

                  Sonic the Hedgehog

                  Sonic The Hedgehog

                  Power through obstacles, bounce off walls, defeat Dr. Eggman and save the animals in trouble. Gotta go faster!

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