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Sonic's Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge



    Join Sonic and Amy in the ultimate challenge. Sonic’s archenemy Dr. Eggman has created a mech to capture Sonic’s animal friends. Launch Sonic in his speed sphere. See him fly through the loop-de-loop and the big ring before he knocks over Dr. Eggman’s mech to release the animals inside. Meanwhile, you can help Amy use her hammer to activate the traps that will defeat Badniks Chopper and Newtron.

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    76994 Sonic's Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge

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          Kitty Fairy's Garden Party

          Join Gabby and Pandy Paws as they visit Kitty Fairy in the Fairy Tale Garden. Drink tea in the tree house, where Kitty Fairy has a bed and strawberry snacks. Water the flowers and make them grow. Play on the swing, merry-go-round and slide. Then it’s time for another refreshing drink in the tree house!

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            Amy's Animal Rescue Island

            Help care for the animals that have been saved from the Badniks on Amy’s Animal Rescue Island. The animals love to slide into the pool, build sandcastles or enjoy the carousel. But what’s this? The Badnik Crabmeat has snuck onto the island to steal the animals. Luckily, Amy and Tails are prepared! Use the drawbridge and waterfall trap to defeat the Badnik so the animals can get back to playtime.

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              Tails' Workshop and Tornado Plane

              Uh-oh! One of Sonic’s animal friends has been captured by a flying Badnik. Luckily Sonic’s pal Tails is here to help with the Tornado plane! Use the plane to collect the Rings and take out the Badnik before releasing Sonic’s Clucky friend. After the daring rescue, you can help Sonic and Tails care for the Clucky before heading to the workshop to repair the plane. What an exciting quest!

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                Bakey with Cakey Fun

                Join Gabby and Cakey in the kitchen to bake a cupcake! Mix the ingredients in the bowl then place it in the cute chef-cat oven. Next, there’s a giant cake to decorate with tasty treats. Cakey uses a ladder to help reach up high. When you’ve finished, turn the cake’s top section round and round to admire your cake-making creativity!

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                  Sonic's Speed Sphere Challenge

                  Ready to build a course for Sonic? Use the speed sphere to send Sonic through the obstacles on his quest to defeat the Moto bug Badnik and set the Flicky free. Use your skills to launch Sonic as he collects the Rings, goes through the gateway and travels up the ramp to reach the Chaos Emerald. After saving the day, play with the Sonic figure along with the chili dog and DJ deck accessories.

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                    Gabby's Dollhouse

                    What will you do first in Gabby’s Dollhouse? You could bake a cake in the kitchen, play on the slide in the playroom, get creative in the art room, play piano in the music room, pamper yourself in the bathroom, take a nap in the bedroom or head to the rooftop for a party on the spinning dance floor. There’s so much to discover in Gabby’s extraordinary dollhouse that you’ll never want to leave!

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                      Gabby & MerCat's Ship & Spa

                      Take a boat trip with Gabby aboard the SS MerCat, with its relaxing pool and fun slide into the sea! Sail to the beach spa, where MerCat pampers Gabby with her special potions and gives her a super new hairstyle!

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