LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Merlok 2.0 app


Play this game to save our kingdom. The destiny of our wonderful Knighton is, literally, in your hands. I am Merlok 2.0 – wizard protector of Knighton – and I have created this game, so you can help us fight the evil Jestro and his marauding monsters who have invaded our beautiful lands. The key to our fight is the amazing NEXO Powers I use to upgrade my five brave knights in battle, so they can keep Jestro and his monsters in check. When you play this game and use NEXO Scan to collect NEXO Power battle skills in the real world, you upgrade both your knights in this game and send NEXO Power to me and my brave knights here in Knighton. Two powers with one scan, so to say.

Supported Platforms

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So download the free app and:

  • Join the hunt for NEXO Power and build your own unique collection.
  • Take control of the rolling castle Fortrex and roam the realm for the next mission.
  • Fight a great variety of lava monsters – some big, some small and some really big.
  • Upgrade your knights with NEXO Power to get the decisive edge in battle.
  • Quest as any of the five NEXO KNIGHTS heroes and improve your armor and weapons.