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LEGO® Creator sets are for creative builders who love to create their own cool toy vehicles, creatures and houses, take them apart and build something new!

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    • LEGO® Creator

      31068 Modern Home

      The family that lives in the Modern Home loves eco-friendly adventures. It’s built with a sun roof, an electric car and can change into the Lakeside Home or the Garden Home.

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      • 31130

        LEGO® Creator

        Sunken Treasure Mission

        Enjoy incredible underwater adventures with 3 different LEGO® playsets. Dive to the bottom of the sea in a submarine to search for sunken treasure guarded by an octopus. Later, rebuild it into a smaller submarine for more action with a giant lobster – or turn it into a giant manta ray for fun with a diver and coral reef. The play possibilities are endless with this brilliant 3in1 set.

        • LEGO® Creator

          5 awesome facts you didn’t know about sharks

          To celebrate Shark Week, we wanted to share 5 cool facts about our deep-sea friends. 1. Sharks have existed almost unchanged for 400 million years, since long before the dinosaurs. 2. It’s impossible to sneak up on a shark, because their eyes are on the sides of their heads and most can see almost as well behind them as they can in front. 3. A great white shark can lose 1,000 teeth in a year. 4. Sharks sink if they stop swimming. 5. Two-thirds of a shark’s brain is dedicated to its sense of smell. Do you know any cool shark facts? Make sure you share them in the comments below.

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          • LEGO® Creator

            Badminton court

            Care for an afternoon playing badminton? We do! Join us for a quick and fun game.

            • 31120

              LEGO® Creator

              Medieval Castle

              Step back in time for thrilling adventures at a Medieval Castle. Guard the towers to watch out for the fire-breathing dragon. Woah – close the front gate to keep it outside! You can also power the blacksmith making swords by turning the waterwheel. Later, rebuild it into a castle tower with a cool catapult or a marketplace with a prison. The choice is yours with this spectacular Creator 3in1 set.

              • LEGO® Creator

                Check out these awesome builds from October

                WOW! Check out these builds from October! For your chance to be featured, make sure you take part in the building challenges. Let us know how much you love these builds in the comments below. #Creator

                • LEGO® Creator

                  What’s Modularity?

                  Did you know that some of our models are modular? This means that you can mix and combine all kinds of pieces together to make new ones. There are so many possibilities – join us in trying out some combinations.

                  • 31042

                    LEGO® Creator

                    Super Soarer

                    Go supersonic with this awesome jet, featuring a dark-yellow blue and white color scheme, twin vertical stabilizers, large air intakes, navigation lights and big engines. Activate the movable wings, zoom down the runway and soar into the sky! When you're ready for a new building challenge, rebuild it to create a futuristic jet or a supercool airplane.

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                      Check out these awesome builds from June

                      Do you love to build like these fans? Why don’t you try one of our building challenges and upload a picture? You could be featured in one of our articles next month! #Creator

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                        Modularity 31067 + 31068 + 31069

                        Now you can easily change the look of your Creator 3in1 houses using the modularity system. See how easy it is in this video!

                        • 31125

                          LEGO® Creator

                          Fantasy Forest Creatures

                          Take a trip deep into a fantasy forest for magical fun with woodland animals! Watch as a wise owl teaches a cute hedgehog to read an exciting storybook with a magnifying glass. Later, rebuild them into a beautiful young deer and a rabbit playing together, or a cheeky squirrel nibbing on an acorn. The enchanting fun never stops with this brilliant 3in1 set.

                          • LEGO® Creator

                            Check out these awesome builds from September

                            These were the awesome builds we saw in September! Have you been featured yet? Keep an eye out for building challenges so you can be in with the chance of being featured on our Wall of Creators! #Creator

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                            • 31116

                              LEGO® Creator

                              Safari Wildlife Tree House

                              Get ready for an amazing safari on the African savanna! Stand on the balcony of the brilliant Safari Wildlife Tree House to take photos. You can even feed a friendly giraffe or climb down the ladder to play with a flamingo or hornbill. Later, rebuild it into a cool biplane that can fly over a lion, or a catamaran to sail alongside a crocodile. The choice is yours with this incredible 3in1 set.

                              • 31129

                                LEGO® Creator

                                Majestic Tiger

                                Head to the rainforest for thrilling animal adventures! Watch as a powerful tiger patrols the forest and gets ready to pounce. For more action you can rebuild the tiger into a cute red panda that sleeps in trees and munches on bamboo, a koi fish swimming through lakes, or fire up your imagination and use the bricks to create a new animal. The choice is yours with this fantastic 3in1 set.

                                • 31112

                                  LEGO® Creator

                                  Wild Lion

                                  Get ready to head to the savanna on an exciting safari! Beware of the fearsome lion as he roars, stalks his prey and competes with a pesky vulture for a tasty rack of ribs. For more fun animal adventures, you can rebuild the lion into a speedy ostrich, a powerful warthog or dream up something new from your imagination with this brilliant 3in1 set.

                                  • 31113

                                    LEGO® Creator

                                    Race Car Transporter

                                    Head to the track for some thrilling racing action! Unload the 2 super-cool race cars down the ramps of the awesome truck and trailer before they race each other by performing speedy laps. Once they pass the finish line, rebuild the car transporter into an impressive mobile crane or a tugboat with a crane to continue the action with this cool 3in1 set.

                                    • 31062

                                      LEGO® Creator

                                      Robo Explorer

                                      Meet the friendly Robo Explorer with its large head, big green eyes and an azure, black and gray color scheme. Pose the Robot’s arms, turn its head and body, and roll it along on its tracked feet. Then activate the cool searchlight function in its right hand and use its grabbing hand to carry objects! Rebuild to create a Robot Dog with a light-up jetpack or a Robot Bird with light-up eyes!

                                      • 31105

                                        LEGO® Creator

                                        Townhouse Toy Store

                                        Yay! It’s time to go to the toy store! Make sure you’ve got your money with you, then head downtown. Look – a brick-built toy soldier and gumball machine! Let’s go see all the toys inside. Wait… there’s time for a ride on the rocket. Wheee! After your ride, rebuild the toy store into a cake shop, flower shop, or let your imagination loose and build something new with this awesome 3in1 set!

                                        • 31108

                                          LEGO® Creator

                                          Caravan Family Holiday

                                          Pack your camping gear, it’s time for a vacation! Hitch the caravan to the cool retro car and head off into the great outdoors for a family holiday. Once you find the right spot, set up and go catch a fish for dinner. Oooh, look at all the cute anima… oh no, a SKUNK! After the smelly scare, rebuild the caravan and car into a camper van or a red-and-white lighthouse. Outdoor holidays are a hoot with this great 3in1 set!

                                          • 31122

                                            LEGO® Creator

                                            Fish Tank

                                            Get ready to own a fantastic Fish Tank filled with colorful fish. Watch as your clown fish, regal blue tang, cardinal fish, yellow tang and anthias fish enjoy exciting underwater action. Woah – watch out for the submarine! Later, rebuild the tank into an amazing painting easel to create your own pictures, or turn it into a cool pirate treasure chest. The fun is endless with this cool 3in1 set!

                                            • 31126

                                              LEGO® Creator


                                              Experience amazing adventures high in the air or on water! Get behind the controls of the incredible Supersonic-jet to perform head-spinning tricks in the sky. Back on the ground rebuild the jet into a helicopter with rotating blades and head back into the air, or for fast-paced fun on the water rebuild it into a powerboat. The possibilities are endless with this 3in1 set.

                                              • 31094

                                                LEGO® Creator

                                                Race Plane

                                                Take to the air with the awesome LEGO® Creator 3in1 Race Plane, featuring a blue, white, yellow and red color scheme with racing stickers, huge detailed engine with pipes and cylinders, fixed landing gear, large propeller and hinged wings for a real fast look! Open the tinted canopy to access the airplane cockpit, adjust the tail elevators and take to the skies to perform amazing maneuvers at lightning speed! When you’re done, rebuild this cool propeller plane to create a super-powerful Helicopter or perform vertical takeoffs and supersonic maneuvers aboard a compact Jet.

                                                • 31035

                                                  LEGO® Creator

                                                  Beach Hut

                                                  Everybody go surfing! There's lots to do at the sunny, 3-in-1 LEGO® Creator Beach Hut. Collect starfish, swim from the cozy jetty, take to the waves for a spot of surfing or try your hand at paddleboarding! Fold out the Beach House and you have a beachfront surf shop where you can hire surfboards, give surfing lessons and serve sun-loving customers with cold, refreshing beverages. This awesome 3-in-1 set is full of imaginative details and rebuilds into a cool summer shack with outdoor swimming pool, or a cozy summer cottage by the sea—all this from just one set of bricks! Includes 2 minifigures.

                                                  • 31123

                                                    LEGO® Creator

                                                    Off-road Buggy

                                                    Get ready for awesome adventures with 3 different vehicles. Jump behind the wheel of the Off-road Buggy with mega tires to race over sand dunes or along forest trails. Once you pull over, rebuild it into a powerful skid loader to lift items, turn it in to an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) for more racing fun, or use your imagination to build a new model. The action never stops with this 3in1 set.

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                                                    • LEGO® Creator

                                                      Give Your Crocodile Moving Head And Limbs

                                                      See how using different joints gives your crocodile a moving head and limbs

                                                      • LEGO® Creator

                                                        Double Decker

                                                        Need some more room on your truck? No problem, try this out.

                                                        • LEGO® Creator

                                                          My Corner Deli Rebuild

                                                          Fan creation by vivienchu. "Another Corner Deli is had opened up! Come pick up your food!" I built this with the Creator set 31050, and the background music was composed by myself. My Corner Deli Rebuild is an entry for the LEGO® Rebrick Build and Rebuild contest.

                                                          • LEGO® Creator

                                                            Building Tip: Build a Lawn Mower

                                                            Grass grows, and sometimes needs to be cut. We'll show you how to build a solution using a few common elements you probably have in your brick pile.

                                                            • LEGO® Creator

                                                              Check out some cool December builds!

                                                              We found amazing builders in this festive season! They created some cool models with their LEGO® bricks. Check them out in our video, and then build and share!

                                                              • LEGO® Creator

                                                                Creator Building challenge

                                                                Creator Building challenge

                                                                • LEGO® Creator

                                                                  Building Tip: Limousine

                                                                  You can add all kinds of vehicles to your collection. Here’s how to make a limousine that can also be as long as you want!

                                                                  • LEGO® Creator

                                                                    Modern garage

                                                                    Make a garage that matches your modern residence. It’s perfectly sized for your electric car, too!

                                                                    • LEGO® Creator

                                                                      Your Imagination Comes Roaring to Life with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31073 Mythical Creatures

                                                                      Get your growls ready and build a fierce, fire-breathing Dragon! Circle the trees, whip the tail and fly through the clouds on brick-built wings. Next, rebuild into a creepy-crawly Spider with front pincers and a back stinger that will freeze your enemies in their tracks. The battle isn’t over, so before it’s too late – build a Troll with a heavy axe that doubles as a guitar for him to carry as he stomps through the country side. Turn fantasy into reality with these LEGO Creator 3in1 31073 Mythical Creatures!

                                                                      • LEGO® Creator

                                                                        Park Street Townhouse

                                                                        Catch a ride on the bus downtown and stop by our Townhouse. There are so many rooms inside – it’s the perfect place to live! Explore the City Café as well and check out our Suburban Home too.

                                                                        • LEGO® Creator

                                                                          LEGO® Creator Island Adventures Tips & Tricks!

                                                                          Fan creation by SKiiskila.

                                                                          • LEGO® Creator

                                                                            Building Tip: Pencil

                                                                            In this video we show you how to create a pencil out of your LEGO bricks.