LEGO Classic Kids Experience

LEGO Classic.

Sparky the electro dragon
Lets go Letter building
10692 LEGO Creative Bricks
10696 LEGO Medium Creative Brick Box
Download your next adventure inspiration
Luke’s Tenth Day of Christmas!
Luke’s Ninth Day of Christmas!
Lets get the party started
10693 LEGO Creative Supplement
10698 LEGO Large Creative Brick Box
10717 Bricks Bricks Bricks

Fun stuff

10708 Green Creativity Box
10709 Orange Creativity Box
10712 Bricks and Gears
Building friendship in a new way
A little brick can make big changes
10700 Green Baseplate
10705 Creative Building Basket
The mission begins Conquering mount pillow
Lets mix it up
10701 Grey Baseplate
10702 Creative Building Set

Stuff you'll love

Blue Baseplate
10696 LEGO® Classic Medium Creative Brick Box
Bricks on a Roll
A day in the life of a creative hero
Character mission equals awesome adventure
My cape is stuck😢
Luke’s Eighth Day of Christmas!
10699 Sand Baseplate
10405 Mission to Mars
Bring more play into your day
10697 LEGO Large Creative Box
10404 Oceans Bottom
All builds are good builds
10695 LEGO Creative Building Box
10403 World Fun
Its all in the eyes
10694 LEGO Creative Supplement
10402 Fun Future
Be inspired by your world

Cool stuff

10707 Red Creativity Box
10713 Creative Suitcase
10706 Blue Creativity Box

Stuff you’ll like

10714 Blue Baseplate
10704 Creative Box
10715 Bricks on a Roll
Happy Sad Cheeky
10682 LEGO Creative Suitcase
10401 Rainbow Fun
10703 Creative Builder Box