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Rooky Partnur


Visibly the most eager person on earth, Rooky Partnur wants to make her mark on the world of crime fighting. Never afraid to get her hands dirty, Rooky is always ready to spring into action, driven by a boundless energy that the crooks just hate! Since her legendary apprehension of a bank robber, art thief and an escaped crook – all in one day, Rooky has become a key player in the heroic LEGO® City Police force!

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    Known for his classic crook-like pomade hair, Vito is a former school-thug-come-bad-guy, who’s wanted for stealing money, gold, jewelry, diamonds and much more! Not particularly clever or efficient, his own antics often get him into deep trouble. Currently on the run from the City jail, he was last seen racing away from the city police in a car covered with smelly fish!

    Meet Vito
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    Shirley Keeper

    Shirley Keeper is the straight-talking sanitation worker, who is committed to keeping the City clean and functional! She works hard, and therefore can get a bit grumpy and feel underappreciated when other citizens don’t take the time to put their garbage and recycling in the right place! We hear you, Shirley! But Shirley carries on, riding around in her garbage truck, doing her best to educate others about the best ways to... not cover their entire City in trash... Shirley’s job means she has a huge amount of knowledge about everything that’s going on in the City, and uses this information to help the Police Department with their detective work!

    Meet Shirley Keeper
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    Clara the Criminal

    Can you guess what Clara does best? Clara is a career criminal in the employ of crime boss and business tycoon R.E. Fendrich. She’s as tough as they come, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and never backs down from a fight! Though she loves her life of crime, she does sometimes worry that one day she’ll make a mistake that will result in her getting caught by the City Police. Clara usually wears a black eye mask when she commits a crime but can still be recognized by the X-shaped scar on her left cheek. Be careful when approaching her!

    Meet Clara the Criminal
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    Sam Grizzled

    He might be on the brink of retirement, or so he says… every day, but Sergeant Sam Grizzled has no fear! Sporting a grizzled moustache that’s not quite a fashion statement, this cool undercover police officer is a mean helicopter pilot, known for amazing crook-catching feats. A former space-police leader, Sam is a real LEGO® City hero, admired by his colleagues and feared by the city’s crooks.

    Meet Sam Grizzled
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    Snake Rattler

    With his eyepatch and black cowboy hat, Snake Rattler is a fish out of water in the modern world of LEGO® City. Though a loner at heart, Snake just can’t stay away from fellow crook Daisy Kaboom. Since his arrival on a railway cart, Snake has established an infamous reputation for a string of crimes. These include numerous heists, framing good guys and threatening police officers with soda cans. This slithering crook was last seen racing from a crime scene with a safe full of diamonds!

    Meet Snake Rattler
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    On the face of it, Clemmons is maybe the worst candidate to be a firefighter. He’s nearly always in a state of panic and hysteria, and is pretty much terrified of fire. However, Clemmons’ hysteria often serves to fuel Freya McCloud’s sense of urgency, and that’s the thing that helps her focus and be the brilliant Fire Chief she is. Besides, Clemmons thrives on orders, and follows Freya’s without question which is a big help to the firefighting team. Plus, he has some pretty awesome sideburns. They don’t help with putting out fires, but we appreciate them anyway...

    Meet Clemmons
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    Madison Yea is the daughter of Deputy Mayor Carol Yea. Madison is brave and bold, occasionally bordering on reckless when it comes to achieving her goals and solving mysteries. Madison is one smart cookie, and doesn’t like being patronized by adults, though she is always respectful to adults who treat her with respect in return – especially Mayor Fleck!

    Meet Madison
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    Sarah Feldman is one of the City’s firefighters. She’s a bit of a nerd… but hey, guess what… we love nerds!!! Feldman is a super-genius when it comes to all things tech, and even created the incredible firefighting robot Roastie, who as well as being able to operate using Artificial Intelligence, happens to be Feldman’s best friend. Awwwww!

    Meet Feldman
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    Big Betty

    Though not a natural-born crook, Big Betty has gained a reputation for some pretty serious and calculated crimes. These include resisting arrest, bank robbery, stealing a sarcophagus and a carrying out a jewelry heist in a magic club! With her red cap and cool lipstick, Big Betty doesn’t look so scary. A frustrated fashion icon at heart, she fell into crime and is searching for something better to do. Unfortunately, she was last seen dragging an ATM from a bank wall with the help of a monster truck armed with a huge magnet!

    Meet Big Betty
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    Tom Bennett

    Never afraid to come up with an awesome crook-catching plan, Captain Tom Bennett is the driving force behind the LEGO® City Police. Sporting an extraordinarily perfect side parting, Tom is the tidiest person in the force, in fact maybe the tidiest person in the whole of LEGO City! And his epic morning announcements are always greeted with great enthusiasm by the action-eager LEGO City Police force!

    Meet Tom Bennett
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    Fire Chief McCloud

    Freya McCloud might be the best and bravest head of the Fire Department the City has ever seen! Always seen with a cup of hot cocoa, Freya is able to think more clearly under pressure than anyone around her. This includes her firefighters, who are often baffled by the strange, seemingly illogical orders Freya gives them when responding to emergencies around the City. Yet, time and time again, they watch in amazement as every strange thing Chief McCloud asks for comes into play to save the day – from dog leashes to kites, women’s magazines to photographs of the Olympic luge team(!!!) She has long auburn hair under her firefighting helmet and is nearly always seen with her cool firefighter jacket. Need any more information? As Freya would say… “NO TIME!”

    Meet Fire Chief McCloud
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    Frankie Lupelli

    Recognizable by a distinct chin beard and beanie cap, Frankie Lupelli, otherwise known as Frankie “Bad Guy” Lupelli, has been on the wanted list since the age of two! Though slightly nervous, this born crook follows orders without question, whether it’s a bank robbery, prison break or a jewelry heist! Frankie was last seen with a fellow crook, speeding away from an exploded prison transport vehicle aboard a powerful ATV.

    Meet Frankie Lupelli

LEGO® City Games

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    Prison Island Interactive Video

    HEY! Here's your chance to help the cops catch the nasty crooks escaping LEGO® City Prison Island! Just swipe and click your way through this fun interactive adventure!

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    LEGO® CITY Explorers

    Blast off into fun and adventure in outer space with the LEGO® City Explorers app! Launch your own digital rocket and go on missions like a real astronaut. This awesome new app is inspired by NASA and the incredible adventures astronauts go on all the time.

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    LEGO® Tower

    Build and operate your own LEGO® Tower! Construct a wide range of apartments and businesses for your Minifigure residents to live, work and play in. Visit your friends’ towers and trade items to help them build. Collect hundreds of unique Minifigure pieces and discover hidden characters. Build your dream LEGO® Tower to new heights, the sky's the limit!

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