For grown-ups

LEGO® Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™

Keep your wand and imagination ready, you never know what kind of creative magic you’ll meet in the magical world of LEGO® Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™!

LEGO® Harry Potter™

Dare you build Umbridge’s Office?

Search around for the pink bricks you need to build the office of Dolores Umbridge™, and help Harry, Ron and Hermione retrieve the Horcrux!

LEGO® Harry Potter™

Build and Customize!

What would you look like if you got accepted into Hogwarts™? Customize your own magical minifigure, then download and share on LEGO Life!

LEGO® Harry Potter™

What Hogwarts™ house are you in?

Wait! Don’t tell us… Show us with this awesome decorating challenge! Pick your house colors, favorite sets and special house decorations!