Build like an AFOL!

Think playing with LEGO bricks is just for kids? Think again! AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) like ExeSandbox who built the cool creation above have turned their brick building into a serious hobby. Most of them were big LEGO fans as a child and are now super skilled! Some AFOLs love to create their own LEGO models, without using any building instructions. LEGO models. On the LEGO Ideas website, any LEGO fan from 13 years of age can upload their own builds as ideas for new LEGO sets. If they reach the support of 10.000 people on the platform, a team of LEGO employees looks into bringing the new model to life. Other AFOLs are very passionate toy photographers. They create amazing shoot amazing photos of LEGO models and minifigures and super funny stop motion videos. You can find lots of those here in the app! Would you like to be an AFOL one day? Tell us in the comments below!

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