5 fun facts about AFOLs

AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) collect LEGO bricks from lots of different sets to make colourful MOCs (My Own Creation) like the one in the picture, made by AFOL TheMinnesotan. Check out more cool AFOL facts below! 1. The term AFOL was first used in 1995 and is pronounced “a-full”. 2. Most AFOLs spend between 1-10 hours per week on building with LEGO bricks. 3. For each real LEGO designer, there are around 600 hobby AFOL designers who develop new models or theme ideas. 4. Over 20,000 product ideas have been submitted by AFOLs on the LEGO Ideas website and 25 of them have been made into real LEGO sets! 5. There are over 600 events for LEGO fans around the world each year, where AFOLs meet to exhibit their coolest builds, share tips and tricks or just hang out. Do you know any cool AFOL facts or stories? Tell us in the comments below!

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