For grown-ups

How to spot a Chameleon online

Not everyone is who they say they are online… and it can be really tricky to tell if someone is who they say they are or pretending to be someone else.

Here are some of the signs to watch out for.

Someone you don’t know is being a bit too friendly very quickly  

Someone is asking you to share personal information  

Someone is asking you to meet offline  

Someone is being friendly at first, but then turns around and is mean  

If you are ever uncomfortable, you can always leave the conversation and talk to a trusted grown-up, and they can help you.

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        Want to learn how to make your own super cool space image? See how to light and set your scene with tips from expert Ian Cockayne 🪐

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            How Loserfruit built her gaming community

            POV: you love gaming, but you don’t love toxicity or mean comments. Loserfruit to the rescue! She shares her hacks in this video, so you can grow a community that makes everyone feel safe and positive. Share your community building tips with other LEGO® Lifers! #saferinternetday2023

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              It’s me, the LEGO® Life Ghost!

              Hi everyone! It’s me, the Ghost! I’m here with my friend, the Chicken, and we have a lot of fun (and scary!) things planned for Halloween! But whatever you do… don’t feed the Chicken candy!!! Visit the LEGO Life app to find out more!

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                Sharing is Caring

                Sharing things with friends really does make life more awesome. Sharing stories, sharing toys, sharing encouraging words, hopes and dreams, cookies… actually, not cookies, no one should have to share cookies! This month we’ve got loads of exciting challenges which celebrate how special sharing is. Head over to the LEGO® Life app for new decorate challenges, build ideas and polls throughout the month.

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                  The Power of Try

                  We all have different things we like and dislike – but sometimes we don’t even know WHAT we like until we try them. And sometimes we try them and are really bad at them. But sometimes that’s when we have the most fun – just ask Alex and Max. This month, they’re hosting the Try Game Challenges on the LEGO® Life app. Go play!

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                    Ready for the holidays? Not YETI!

                    This is YETI’s very first time celebrating the holidays, and they’re a little unsure how to get ready. YETI tries and tries on the LEGO® Life app, but keeps messing things up. Let’s see what happens with the help of some new friends.

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                      Alicia Keys builds a FLYING LEGO® piano | 90-Second LEGO Challenge

                      Alicia Keys is one of the greatest musical artists on the planet, but can she build a magical LEGO® piano in just 90 seconds? It’s the 90-Second LEGO Challenge!

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                        Play and learn

                        Playing is so much fun! And the cool thing is that when you play, you can learn lots of things that will help you to make the most of your life. Through play you can build your confidence and creativity, get better at problem-solving, learn the value of teamwork and much more. What have you learned through play?

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                          Feeling fidgety?

                          Some games are so good you don’t want to stop playing. Loserfruit knows this all too well! In this honest video, she talks about her struggles with taking breaks, what helps her overcome them and why you should try it too. #saferinternetday2023

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                            Max and Cool Creations!

                            Max and his dog are always super excited to see what you’ve built! Check out some of the creations they’ve received for the LEGO® Life Magazine here!

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                              The LEGO® Test Zone app

                              Introducing LEGO Test Zone! Get early access to our fun new experiments and join us on our journey in building new LEGO digital experiences. LEGO Test Zone lets you explore a variety of cool videos, games, and other experiences. We will be adding and testing out new stuff all the time, so be sure to check back. Thank you for joining us on this testing adventure! Important InformationThe app is FREE and there are no adverts, in-app purchases or third-party advertisingLEGO marketing content and information is served in hope of inspiring children’s education through creative playVerified Parental Consent requires a one-time credit or debit card review to ensure the person verifying is an adult. Verification is totally FREE of charge Your card information will not be stored anywhere on our systemsIdentity verification is possible using the most common international credit and debit cardsAs part of the LEGO Account sign-up, we collect the following information from you and your child:o The country in which you liveo Your email addresso Date of birthWe use your personal information to manage your account and review anonymized data to provide a safe, contextualized and excellent LEGO building and kids social networking experience. You can learn more here: and here: app support, please contact LEGO Customer Service:, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2023 The LEGO Group.

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                                LEGO® Life

                                Get creative, get together, get what you want… your LEGO Life has just begun! Built specially for kids, LEGO Life is a super-safe community where you can meet LEGO fans, get the latest brick buzz, and crank your creativity up to a billion! It’s got: MIND-BUSTING CHALLENGES to make you a master builder GENIUS IDEAS so epic, you’ll weep bricks SUPERFAN GROUPS for superfan geeks THE LEGO LOWDOWN sharing news that’s practically classified MUST-SEE MINI MOVIES & WEBISODES for small-screen, er, meditation You can… BUDDY-UP WITH SENSEI WU it’s not just humans using LEGO Life: minifigures have pages, too! PHOTO-BLAST THE WORLD with pics of your best. builds. EVER SELECT stuff you rate or slate MAKE A MINIFIGURE MINI-ME with serious swag FIND THE NEWEST LEGO SETS & APPS in one place. So simple, a squirrel could do it