Rare animals: Hector’s Dolphins

The Hector’s dolphin is the smallest and rarest type of dolphin in the world. The grown-ups are about the size of a 10-year-old child and live in small groups of 5-8. They are one of the most endangered species of marine animals. They live close to the coast of New Zealand and many have been caught in big fishing nets. A lot of organizations, fishermen and officials are working to find creative ways to protect them from getting caught in the nets. Hector’s dolphins are not always as social as some other types of dolphins. But in case you ever find yourself swimming or sailing near a group of them, it can be an unforgettable experience! Don’t be surprised if they get a little closer to take a look at you. As with all other dolphins (and wildlife animals), remember you are visiting them in their home. - Keep your distance so they don’t get stressed. Especially if they have calves in the group. - Avoid making loud noises that may scare them. - If you feel comfortable letting them get closer, just keep still, watch them carefully, and let them leave when they want to. - You may hear them making their clicking or singing sounds – it can sound like a bit like an organ or even like a giggle! Are you ready to become a Sea Life Friend? Make your pledge or find more articles here on LEGO® Life and learn how you can help save the oceans.

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