How YOU can help save the oceans!

Maybe you have heard about ocean pollution or global warming? And how it affects both animal and plant life in the sea? It sounds a bit scary, we know. But lots of experts around the world are already working hard every day to find new ways to make our oceans, air and planet healthier. And you don’t have to be an expert to help. All of us can do a lot of little things every day to give our underwater friends a better life and a better world to live in. And even if you just do one little thing, imagine if EVERYONE around the world did that? Together, we can make a big difference! Here are some of the things YOU can do to become a Sea Life Friend: Use less plastic A lot of the used plastic things we throw in the garbage end up in the oceans. By 2050, experts believe there will be more plastic waste than fish in the oceans! It is very harmful to animals. They may mistake it for food or get trapped in it. To help, you can: - Carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying disposable plastic bottles or cups. - Use reusable bags and totes instead of plastic ones. You can even sew your own! - Avoid throwaway plastics like straws and glitter. - Ban balloons. We know they’re so much fun! But you can use paper pom poms instead. Buy fish-friendly food Overfishing of some species can put them in danger of extinction. Ask your parents to check for labels that guarantee the seafood they buy has been “sustainably caught”. Help clean a beach near your home Take home everything you bring for your day out at the beach. You can also pick up any litter you find while you’re there, or join an organized clean-up day. Look, don’t touch If you go swimming or snorkeling, avoid touching plants, corals or any sea creatures you meet on your way! Reduce energy Climate change is causing sea temperatures to rise, which harms all sea life from coral reefs to big marine mammals. To help, you can: - Cycle, walk or take buses and trains instead of cars and planes. - Turn off lights, chargers, TVs and appliances when you leave the room. - Turn the heat down a degree or two in your house. You can always wear an extra sweater! Be curious & speak up! Learn everything you can, in school or at home, about our underwater world. Encourage your friends and family to make changes together! Want to become a Sea Life Friend? Here’s how: 1. Push the purple pledge button 2. Download, print and sign the pledge to do your best to take care of the sea and all life inside it! Thank you for being an amazing Sea Life Friend!

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