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A real house made from LEGO® DOTS!

Welcome to the House of DOTS! Artist Camille Walala used 2 million LEGO® tiles to create this two-story interactive house in the heart of London. It’s made up of five rooms spread over eight shipping containers. Everything – from the rugs to the walls to even the furniture – is made up of LEGO tiles and Camille Walala’s distinctive patterns and colors. Would you like to visit?


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    • 41950

      LEGO® DOTS

      Lots of DOTS – Lettering

      Be creative, wild and funky with this great box of LEGO® DOTS Lots of DOTS – Lettering! Set your imagination free and boost your DOTS message boards and other DOTS sets (sold separately) by creating different designs and fonts with the colorful, shaped tiles to express yourself and really show off your creativity. There’s no wrong way to get your message out and decorate your life! #dotyourworld

      • 41957

        LEGO® DOTS

        Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

        Stick your style anywhere with the Adhesive Patches Mega Pack! Lay the LEGO® DOTS adhesive 8x8 patches out and add the colorful tiles in a pattern that’s uniquely yours – one big design or several small ones – then stick them on any straight, hard surface. Find inspiration inside the box, or set your creativity free and show off what you can do! Ready for a change? Redesign them any time!

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          LEGO® DOTS

          Extra DOTS - Series 5

          Design with all sorts of colors in this tropical-themed Extra DOTS bag. Create unlimited patterns and combinations with the tiles, including 15 glow-in-the-dark tiles and 10 (out of 16) uniquely decorated collectible tiles. Add them to your LEGO® DOTS room decor or bracelet sets, or any other LEGO sets to really express yourself and show off your creativity. Which tiles did you get? #dotyourworld

          • 41959

            LEGO® DOTS

            Cute Panda Tray

            Create an adorable friend to hold your favorite treasures! Make the LEGO® DOTS Cute Panda Tray and start decorating with the tiles. You can create a cute, fun panda; an edgy, cool one; or set your imagination free. Once you’re done, use the tray to hold bigger items and the head to store the remaining tiles or smaller trinkets. Want to change it up? Redesign the tray any time! #youDOTyou

            • 41958

              LEGO® DOTS

              Extra DOTS Series 7 - SPORT

              Share your love of sports with this fun bag of Extra DOTS! Make endless patterns and combinations with the colored and bright blue opalescent tiles, plus 10 surprise decorated tiles out of a possible 16. Add them to your other customizable LEGO® DOTS crafts sets to express yourself and show off your creativity. There’s no wrong way to decorate your life! Which tiles did you get? #youDOTyou

              • 41960

                LEGO® DOTS

                Big Box

                Store ALL your favorite things in a LEGO® DOTS Big Box! Made for fast and easy assembly, the lid is ready for decorating right away. Use the inspiration in the package or release your inner creativity and show off your passion for design! Then tuck your trinkets, jewelry, stationery or whatever else safely inside. Ready for a new look? Part of the fun is changing the design whenever you want!

                • 41951

                  LEGO® DOTS

                  Message Board

                  Get your message across with this expressive LEGO® DOTS Message Board kit! Connect the plates into a board, create designs and messages with the tiles, and hang it wherever you like. Add more fun with the 41950 Lots of DOTS – Lettering box (set sold separately). The board can be hung vertically or horizontally and can also split into 2 smaller boards. There’s no wrong way to decorate your life!

                  • 41956

                    LEGO® DOTS

                    Ice Cream Picture Frames & Bracelet

                    Make some yummy LEGO® DOTS fun! Put together the ice cream picture frames and decorate them with the fresh, colorful tiles. Lay the slimline bracelet out flat and do the same. Stack the picture frames in any order you wish, insert your favorite photos, then use the sticks to hang your bracelet and other jewelry. Ready for a change? Redesign the frames and bracelet any time! #youDOTyou

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                      LEGO® DOTS

                      Extra DOTS - Series 4

                      Design any way you like with these animal-themed Extra DOTS! Make endless facial expressions and feelings with these tiles, featuring animal eye and mouth tiles, ear and paw bricks, plus 10 random decorated tiles. Add them to your LEGO® DOTS bag tag, secret box or bracelet kits to freely express yourself and stretch your creativity. There’s no wrong way to decorate your life! #dotyourworld

                      • 41806

                        LEGO® DOTS

                        Ultimate Party Kit

                        Party time! Throw the most creative party with this LEGO® DOTS set. Decorate, assemble and hang the bunting, then set up the cupcakes, bracelets and other items. There are loads of colorful tiles, stickers and flags, plus 12 charms and design ideas to throw a party full of self-expressive fun. Once the party’s over, everyone gets a cool gift!

                        • 41947

                          LEGO® DOTS

                          Mickey & Friends Bracelets Mega Pack

                          Celebrate a love of Disney’s Mickey Mouse with friends or family with this awesome Bracelet Mega Pack! Lay the colorful LEGO® DOTS bracelets out and snap on the tiles however you like. Use the glitter tiles and exclusive decorated tiles to express your creativity. Find pattern inspiration on and inside the package or set your creativity free and really show off what you can do! #youDOTyou

                          • 41929

                            LEGO® DOTS

                            Bag Tag Leopard

                            Tag your bag! Spice up your world with this cool bag tag! Assemble the bag tag then design a wild leopard with fun facial expressions. Use the included tiles to make a funky blue, lilac and purple jungle cat or add to the creativity with an Extra DOTS bag. Let your bag tag complement your look and redesign it any time. Use the silicone ring to attach the tag to your bag and go! #dotyourworld

                          LEGO® DOTS Videos

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                            • LEGO® DOTS

                              Transform your room your way!

                              Our AFOL creator Diego showcases his creativity as he upcycles a plain mirror into something precious and unique with some markers and LEGO® DOTS elements. Check out the video and let it spark your imagination and love for DIY transformations!

                              • LEGO® DOTS

                                Blast off to inspiration!

                                Our designers Fiorella and Diego decorate the LEGO® DOTS Pencil Holder and talk about what excites and inspires them while they create their designs. Check out the video and let it help launch your inspiration into outer space! #DotYourWorld

                                • LEGO® DOTS

                                  The LEGO® DOTS Rainbow Challenge

                                  We asked you to send in a challenge for the LEGO® DOTS designers, and we were amazed by all your cool, creative ideas! In this video, things get ‘colorful’ for Diego when he receives the rainbow challenge from @KindestImaginativeLizard. Check out what he created! #DotYourWorld

                                  • LEGO® DOTS

                                    DIY LEGO DOTS cute bunny jar

                                    A cute bunny should not be missing at Easter! So grab your craft materials and LEGO® DOTS and now you’re ready to go. We’ll show you how to make a cute bunny jar out of the DOTS bracelets. Also perfect for storing little Easter treasures – fancy trying it?

                                    • LEGO® DOTS

                                      The LEGO® DOTS Raining Tacos Challenge

                                      Tacos aren’t just for Tuesday! Check out what happens when LEGO® DOTS Designer Chiara received a ‘raining tacos’ challenge from @CutestQuietCloud. #DotYourWorld

                                      • LEGO® DOTS

                                        Bracelet Compilation

                                        • LEGO® DOTS

                                          DIY LEGO DOTS Message Board for Easter greetings

                                          Would you like to say a few kind words to your family or friends for Easter? With the message boards you can design your personal messages – an Easter card of a different kind. Which greetings would you like to send to your loved ones for Easter?

                                          • LEGO® DOTS

                                            Bursting with juicy creativity!

                                            This pineapple and watermelon duo is ready for fun.

                                            • LEGO® DOTS

                                              Bracelet Mega Pack

                                              • LEGO® DOTS

                                                Check out AFOL Olimpio’s upcycled frame!

                                                Our AFOL creator Olimpio uses a simple frame as his canvas. Then adds LEGO® DOTS tiles, bricks and plates, plus his imagination. And a simple, plain frame becomes super cool! Check out the video and let it inspire your creativity and upcycling possibilities around your house!

                                                • LEGO® DOTS

                                                  Organize and display your jewelry

                                                  A rainbow to hang your treasures from!

                                                  • LEGO® DOTS

                                                    From dull to dazzling with cute animals!

                                                    Explore your passion for design and upcycling. Grab a LEGO® DOTS kit like the Creative Animal Drawer, find something that could use a bit of updating, and get creative! Watch the video and let it inspire you for some upcycling experimentation of your own!

                                                  LEGO® DOTS

                                                  Funky DOTS™

                                                  Swap and match LEGO® DOTS™ bricks to solve the tricky puzzles in different levels and get the Highscore :-).

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