Spacesuit Facts

A spacesuit may not look as comfortable as a hoodie and jeans, but it allows astronauts to survive the extreme temperatures and dangerous radiation of space – and even safely scratch their noses when on a spacewalk. Are you ready to have your mind explode like a supernova? Check out these 5 cool facts about spacesuits! • Spacesuits are customized by connecting many interchangeable parts that fit different body types. Even dogs have worn spacesuits! • Astronauts wear white spacesuits because this color reflects the most sunlight and protects from cancer-causing radiation (and a sunburn in space would REALLY hurt!) • Spacesuits protect astronauts on spacewalks from extreme temperatures and allow them to move around comfortably. When the weather is this crazy, you can’t just wear a t-shirt! • A spacesuit weighs about 280 lbs when on Earth – without anyone in it. In space it weighs absolutely nothing, which means that astronauts can move around rather easily. • What happens if an astronaut gets an itchy nose while on a spacewalk? Since they cannot remove their helmet, there is a small piece of Velcro stuck to the inside that serves as a scratcher! If you plan to explore Mars, you will definitely need a spacesuit! What special functions and features will you include in yours? Better start building!

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