WANTED: Frankie “Bad Guy” Lupelli

A new gang of criminal masterminds is causing chaos LEGO® City: The Bulldog Gang! Today, the City Police has published the following warning to all citizens: WANTED Can you catch this crook? Name: Frankie Lupelli Known aliases: Frankie “Bad Guy” Lupelli Wanted for: Bank robbery, prison break and so much more – he has been wanted since age two! Distinguishing marks and features: Chin beard with matching beanie. He’s a foot soldier and follows orders without question, though he is nervous. Last seen: Breaking out of a prison transport with help from a fellow crook, speeding away on an ATV. If you see this suspect, please proceed with caution and bring him back to City Police Station by any means required, including, but not limited to: Magnets, fishing nets, traps, hypnosis etc.

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