Build to Give a Happy Holiday!

Our goal is to give away 1 million sets to children in need of play this holiday season. Will you help us Build to Give? If you love to build with LEGO® bricks, you can make this holiday season bricktastic for one million children who need it the most! Here’s how: 1. Build a beautiful, cool, creative or crazy holiday decoration to put on your tree or in your house. You can use any bricks, elements or minifigures you have. (Or borrow some from your brother, sister, or maybe even your parents? They’ll love it!) 2. Upload a picture of your dashing decoration to LEGO Life. (Write “Build to Give” somewhere in your description.) When you upload a Build to Give picture to LEGO Life, we will donate a LEGO set to a child in need of play! Need ideas to get started? Tap on one of these fun and easy instructions! Don’t have the exact bricks in the guides? Don’t worry! Use another size, another wheel, another color, another shape – just make it yours :D We want to give as many gifts away as we can – to kids who really need to know someone else is thinking about them this season. Are you ready to unleash your creativity for good?

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