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    • LEGO® Technic

      5 awesome facts about the MOVE IT stunt

      Can a group of kids from across the globe MOVE a real Volvo articulated hauler using just LEGO® Technic™ elements? We’re going to find out! Here are 5 amazing facts about the MOVE IT stunt. 1. 35 kids from 4 continents have joined forces to complete this jaw-dropping challenge. 2. Over 728,000 LEGO® Technic™ elements will be used during the stunt. 3. The stunt combines the expertise of Volvo engineers, LEGO® engineers and a real-life astronaut! 4. The kids have only 6 weeks to figure out how to move the 43-ton hauler. 5. The real Volvo hauler is over 20 times longer than the LEGO® Technic™ model version.

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        Psst… have you heard about portals?

        In case you’ve been hiding under an Obsidian rock and haven’t heard about portals... did you know that building the black rocks into a specific formation will open a door to the Nether? What few people know is that you can actually harvest back the corners of a Nether portal or replace them with other blocks and it will still work!

        • LEGO® NINJAGO®

          Cole – A master of his own emotions!

          What does balance mean to you? Cole learned that embracing this virtue made him a better ninja. When he has balance, Cole is able to tap into his full awesome power. Now it is your turn: how do you think it can help you?

        • LEGO® Life

            LEGO® Star Wars™

            Tips & Tricks to make your Brick Art super-special!

            1. Squeeze out blobs of different color paints and spread them together using a palette knife (or small piece of cardboard) to create cool, streaky-colored backgrounds.  2. Try using a mixture of different materials like pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens, pastels, charcoal or chalk to create awesome images.  3. Recycle old bits of cloth, egg boxes, newspapers or other unwanted stuff and use them in imaginative ways to make your artwork totally unique.

            • LEGO® Star Wars™

              Tips & Tricks to create a supercool Brick Photo!

              1. Make a snowy, Hoth-like landscape by covering rocks with bin-liner plastic, then pour over flour. 2. Hang your starships above the scene using thin wire to recreate aerial battle action. 3. Wrap wire around the minifigures to hold them in action poses. 4. Place a mini light inside the cockpit of a starfighter to add extra drama. 5. Blow the flour using an aerosol spray to create a snowstorm effect.

            LEGO® Life

            Catch This Card Construction!

            You’ll go off when you see a house of cards come together thanks to the power of SPIKE and MINDSTORMS®. Check it out and leave a “WOW” sticker if your mind was blown like ours.

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              LEGO® Life

              Check out the latest sets

                • 60296

                  LEGO® City

                  Wheelie Stunt Bike

                  Activate the flywheel stunt bike and prepare for amazing, real-life 2-wheel action with the LEGO® City motorcycle stunt team! Join LEGO City TV hero Raze for fearless displays of speed and bravery aboard her awesome machine. Pull record-breaking wheelies, hit ramps at full speed and perform soaring mid-air maneuvers and rear-wheel landings. This amazing stunt bike is built to thrill. Hold tight!

                  • 75296

                    LEGO® Star Wars™

                    Darth Vader™ Meditation Chamber

                    Everyone needs a little me-time – even Darth Vader – so take a break and build the first-ever LEGO® brick model of the Dark Lord’s meditation chamber. Recreate authentic details of the chamber from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, including an opening/closing function, rotating seat for Darth Vader and a place for General Veers to stand. A nameplate completes an impressive display piece.

                    • 75319

                      LEGO® Star Wars™

                      The Armorer’s Mandalorian™ Forge

                      Create awesome beskar armor for The Mandalorian and Paz Vizsla at The Armorer’s forge! Gather vital information from the hologram. Melt down the bars of beskar at the forge and hammer the superstrong metal into shape. With their new armor complete, The Mandalorian and Paz Vizsla can strap on their jetpacks, grab their weapons and fly away on another bounty-hunting mission.

                      • 76237

                        LEGO® Marvel™

                        Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle

                        Thanos sits in his spaceship’s cockpit, checks the control panel, then blasts off – with the Infinity Gauntlet hidden inside the cargo room! Iron Man and Captain Marvel are in pursuit. Can Thanos use the ship’s 6 stud shooters to defeat the action heroes and escape with the Infinity Gauntlet? Only you can decide.

                        • 41939

                          LEGO® DOTS

                          Bag Tag Dragon

                          Tag your bag and hang out with an awesome dragon! Design the dragon of your dreams using the included tiles to give it fierce or cheeky expressions, yellow spikes and add wings using transparent tiles. Change things up with an Extra DOTS (41931) bag (sold separately). Match your tag’s look or redesign it any time. Use the ring to attach the tag to your bag, outfit or anything else!

                          • 42126

                            LEGO® Technic

                            Ford® F-150 Raptor

                            Often called the ‘workhorse’ of utility trucks, Ford® pickups are famed for their power and functionality. Now you can build your own tribute to an award-winning series of trucks with the LEGO® Technic™ Ford F-150 Raptor (42126) set. Enjoy quality time as you explore the realistic features packed into this true-to-life model, like the V6 engine with moving pistons, plus suspension on all wheels.

                            • 76238

                              LEGO® DC

                              Classic TV Series Batman™ Cowl

                              Evoke classic Batman™ style with this build-and-display cowl from the iconic TV series! This LEGO® recreation of Batman’s distinctive headgear provides a challenging and rewarding building experience for adult fans of the Caped Crusader™. With an information plaque attached to the sturdy base, this eye-catching model will make a striking centerpiece wherever it is displayed.

                              • 76154

                                LEGO® Marvel™

                                Deviant Ambush!

                                Thena, Gilgamesh and Makkari are under attack from a 6-legged, biting Deviant! The 3 Eternals have amazing powers – Thena can summon weapons, Gilgamesh has super-strength and Makkari runs faster than the speed of sound. Will they overcome the evil Deviant? Only you can decide. Plus… if you collect The Eternals LEGO® minifigures, this awesome playset is the only one to feature Gilgamesh!

                                • 60294

                                  LEGO® City

                                  Stunt Show Truck

                                  Join LEGO® City TV characters Citrus the clown, Nate and Incogn!tro for spectacular stunt action! Activate the flywheel bike and take off from the ramp to hit bull’s-eye and drop Citrus the clown into the dunk tank. Make awesome jumps and landings. Can you clear the truck? You get to find out! This awesome Stunt Show Truck has all the equipment you need to stage amazing stunt events.

                                  • 41940

                                    LEGO® DOTS

                                    Bag Tag Unicorn

                                    Tag your bag and hang out with a cheeky little unicorn! Design a cool unicorn with fun facial expressions using the included tiles to make a pastel green, rainbow- and glitter-splashed unicorn. Mix things up with an Extra DOTS (41931 – sold separately) bag. Match your tag’s look or redesign it any time. Once you’re happy, use the ring to attach the tag and off you go!

                                    • 60310

                                      LEGO® City

                                      Chicken Stunt Bike

                                      Activate the flywheel stunt bike and get ready for real-life stunts and action-packed adventures with the LEGO® City stunt team! Join LEGO City TV hero, team mascot and reluctant part-time stuntman Clemmons aboard his cool machine. Can chickens fly? This one sure can! Unleash the amazing stunt bike to perform crowd-thrilling jumps, mid-air maneuvers and one-wheel landings. Just awesome!

                                      • 76176

                                        LEGO® Marvel™

                                        Escape from The Ten Rings​

                                        Join Shang-Chi, Katy and Morris in a thrilling car chase as Wenwu and Razor Fist race after them on motorcycles. When the bad guys bombard Shang-Chi and Katy with a disc shooter and a spring-loaded shooter, the chase turns into a mega battle. Will they ever escape? That’s for you to decide!

                                        • 76156

                                          LEGO® Marvel™

                                          Rise of the Domo

                                          Explore The Eternals’ spaceship with Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Druig and Phastos. Open the sides to access the interior. Check out the cockpit, the weapons room and the lab, but when the leader of the Deviants arrives with his accomplice, it’s time to take the spaceship into battle! Plus… if you collect The Eternals LEGO® minifigures, this set is the only one to feature Druig and Phastos!

                                          • 60311

                                            LEGO® City

                                            Fire Stunt Bike

                                            Fire up the flywheel-powered stunt bike and get ready for action-packed adventures with the LEGO® City stunt team! Join LEGO City TV firefighting hero Freya McCloud aboard her mega machine. Unleash the awesome stunt bike and launch from ramps for thrilling jumps, amazing mid-air maneuvers and spectacular landings. Hold tight!

                                            • 60297

                                              LEGO® City

                                              Demolition Stunt Bike

                                              Power up the flywheel stunt bike and prepare for real-life 2-wheel action with the LEGO® City stunt team! Join LEGO City TV hero Wallop for amazing stunts aboard his awesome machine. Unleash the unstoppable Demolition Stunt Bike to smash through obstacles, soar from ramps and perform awesome mid-air maneuvers. This armored driver has no fear, so get ready for the next demolition ride!

                                            LEGO® MINECRAFT

                                            Build your world with Erik

                                            LEGO Minecraft designer Erik likes to mix and match different biomes in his creations! Can you use some of Erik’s tips to build your world?

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                                              Meet Benny

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                                                • LEGO® Super Mario™

                                                  Play together better!

                                                  Join Ben and Amy for inspirational tips to take your 2-player LEGO® Super Mario™ adventures to the next level. Team up or have a ‘friendly battle’ with your buddies? Let us know what you chose in the comments below! Disclaimer: Multiple sets shown. Each set sold separately, available for different periods of time. The Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360), featuring the LEGO® Mario™ figure, or the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course (71387), featuring the LEGO® Luigi™ figure, is needed for the full play experience.

                                                  • LEGO® MINECRAFT

                                                    Build Your World

                                                  • LEGO® Life

                                                      LEGO® Technic

                                                      It’s time to dream BIG!

                                                      Can the largest Volvo vehicle in the world really be moved 50 meters using only LEGO® Technic™ elements? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s get ready for the MOVE IT stunt!

                                                    • LEGO® Life

                                                        LEGO® Life

                                                        From plastic bottle to Sir Dino von Disco!

                                                        You've already seen that we’re using plastic bottles to make happy prototype LEGO bricks! Check out how happy Sir Dino von Disco is! Because even bottles deserve a second chance.

                                                      • LEGO® Life

                                                          LEGO® MINECRAFT

                                                          Build your world with Joe

                                                          LEGO® Minecraft® designer Joe has been playing Minecraft for over a decade! He’s put all of those years of practice and adventure into his sprawling creation. Can you take some tips from Joe and make your own unique and wonderful world? We’d love to see it!

                                                        • LEGO® Life

                                                            LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                            NINJAGO® Legacy shorts – Golden Rush

                                                            Racing through NINJAGO® City, Nya and Kai are trying to reach Borg Tower with a powerful token. Out to stop them, a whole group of mysterious mechanical enemies. Do you think they’ll make it!? Find out in this NINJAGO Legacy short.

                                                            • LEGO® Super Mario™

                                                              LEGO Super Mario – Lakitu Sky World

                                                              • LEGO®

                                                                LEGO Life- interview with Volvo engineer - Frida

                                                                • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                  An unknown warrior to the rescue

                                                                  What was your best moment from Episode 101 – Golden Legend? Tell us in the comments! An unknown warrior has returned to the smoldering ruins of NINJAGO® City. He swears to protect it until the ninja return and its true majesty can be restored. But first he must battle with a fire-breathing dragon!

                                                                  • LEGO® MINECRAFT

                                                                    Erik’s building tips​

                                                                    Erik loves to build diverse landscapes with lots of layers and natural elements like mountains and trees. Watch how Erik cleverly saves time and bricks with his smart layering technique.

                                                                  • star wars thumbnail

                                                                      LEGO® Star Wars™

                                                                      Trick-or-Treat | LEGO® STAR WARS™: Celebrate the Season

                                                                      As the Mandalorian searches door to door for Grogu in Moff Gideon’s light cruiser he comes across something... unusual. The Stormtroopers are celebrating and handing out candy. Will the Mandalorian be able to find Grogu despite the Halloween festivities?

                                                                      • LEGO® Technic

                                                                        Watch: Live test series – dumping

                                                                        See what happens when we set the LEGO® Technic™ 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler a mighty dumping challenge. How did it compare to the real-life hauler’s dumping action? Check out the video to find out and get inspired for the MOVE IT stunt!

                                                                        • LEGO® Super Mario™

                                                                          LEGO Super Mario – Bowser’s Airship

                                                                        • LEGO® Life

                                                                            LEGO® Life

                                                                            Your Sticker Art Rules!

                                                                            In love with all your amazing art we are seeing on LEGO® Life! Keep decorating with all-new adventure badge stickers because artists never quit! Artists featured: LoudestAwesomeInfernox SentimentᾴlníBaronkaHruška FliegerDurchgeknallterBansha GrevePruttendeSpyclops InfirmierBlistaAdroit KӧniginRoboterhaftesKӓtzchen ManagerIntergalaktischerAffe ZaubererClevererIcebite FancifulCup017 GeneralessaPanchinaCapace GrandeTorta017 PappagallaConcentrata011 ReginaOrsaBella 慎重なトマト王さま 신난오렌지발명가 활기찬올리비아할머니 KeizerMoedigeDruif NiesamowityHrabiaNaleśnik AventurosProfesorLup FuriosMaestruBebelus ГepцorБeзвpeдныЙДenyтpoн MapкизПpoxлaдныЙфлинкс GreveEnormJordnöt DoktorYaraticiFluminox SörPsisikTavsan ElderPrehistoricPelican ExcitableSparratus011 PrettiestSqueakyWolf RichestBrightToilet SenseiVibrantShoe ArtisticKitten014 DragoSentimentale023 AuntDizzyPlum ColdestAmazingComputer

                                                                          • LEGO® Life

                                                                              LEGO® Life

                                                                              The Brick and the Bold – Build YOUR Unbelievable Adventure!

                                                                              Arachnid battles! Aquatic action! Extraordinary extra-terrestrial escapes!!! Grab your best bricks and your favorite minifigures and create a jaw-dropping high-flying adventure! Show your model in motion with a GIF and share it with your friends.

                                                                            Discover cool games

                                                                            • funky dots

                                                                                LEGO® DOTS

                                                                                Funky DOTS™

                                                                                Swap and match LEGO® DOTS™ bricks to solve the tricky puzzles in different levels and get the Highscore :-).

                                                                                • THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™

                                                                                  Emmet Vision

                                                                                  Use your device to scan real-life objects as fast as possible to help Emmet pack his spaceship.

                                                                                  • LEGO® Marvel™

                                                                                    Guardians of the Galaxy

                                                                                    Join the Guardians of the Galaxy on a mission through space. Play as Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax, and unlock the ability to play as Groot, as they retrieve the treasures and equipment they need to uncloak the evil Ronan and save the galaxy.

                                                                                    • LEGO® Speed Champions

                                                                                      LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS

                                                                                      Now you can race to be the Speed Champion wherever you are. Download the game to your mobile device and start racing!

                                                                                    • mclaren

                                                                                        LEGO® Technic

                                                                                        Build the new LEGO® Technic McLaren Senna GTR!

                                                                                        Can you beat the timer? Play and complete all the challenges in time to build the new LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR.

                                                                                        • LEGO® DC

                                                                                          Play Gotham City Speed!

                                                                                          Help Batman™ defeat the villains and send them back to Arkham Asylum!

                                                                                        • LEGO Ninjago Prime Empire

                                                                                            LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                            LEGO Ninjago: Prime Empire

                                                                                            Play the new LEGO Ninjago Prime Empire game! Help Jay to overcome obstacles and fight off enemies in the dangerous world of Prime Empire video game. Can you make it to the last level?

                                                                                          • funky dots

                                                                                              LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                              Chen‘s Return

                                                                                              Run for your life and collect the Golden Bricks to defeat the evil Master Chen!

                                                                                              • LEGO® Friends

                                                                                                LEGO® Friends Heartlake Rush

                                                                                                Race through Heartlake City in this free LEGO racing game! Have fun with Olivia on the race track or download the app for the full play experience.

                                                                                                • LEGO® Star Wars™

                                                                                                  LEGO® Star Wars Battle Run

                                                                                                  Follow BB-8™ as you roll your way through an intense battle on the planet of Crait™. You choose how the story will change and whether to help the Resistance or to join the First Order.

                                                                                                  • LEGO® City

                                                                                                    Prison Island Interactive Video

                                                                                                    HEY! Here's your chance to help the cops catch the nasty crooks escaping LEGO® City Prison Island! Just swipe and click your way through this fun interactive adventure!

                                                                                                    • THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™

                                                                                                      General Mayhem Attacks

                                                                                                      Play as Emmet, Lucy, Benny and Unikitty in this fast paced, scrolling, target shooting game. •Manage all 4 heroes, moving from cover to cover through the streets of Apocalypseburg. •Watch out for attacks from General Mayhem. •Tap Mayhem’s ship to launch bricks at it. •Tap heroes to make them duck and dodge. Final goal is to get all of our four heroes to safety.