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Get ready to be a ninja master

Now is the time to take your ninja skills to the next level. You must upgrade all the crucial virtues you have learned. Be prepared to seize your moment. This is your destiny! Watch the video to start your journey to mastery.

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    Can the ninja save Master Wu?

    Master Wu has been kidnapped and taken through a portal. The ninja must now use all their skills to rescue him! Can they bring their mentor back or is he gone forever? Watch the video and let us know your favorite piece of action.

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        • 43203

          LEGO® Disney™

          Aurora, Merida and Tiana’s Enchanted Creations

          Join Disney’s Aurora and Tiana, plus Disney and Pixar’s Merida, in their jewel-toned ‘diamond’ dresses on fun adventures! Spin Tiana’s lily pad to help her dance, then open the drawer to find a LEGO® DOTS bracelet to decorate. Unlock Aurora’s chest and see what’s inside. Use Merida’s tower to keep your desk neat. Collect other diamond dress princesses (sets sold separately) for endless fun!

          • 76397

            LEGO® Harry Potter™

            Hogwarts™ Moment: Defence Class

            Unlock your LEGO® playbook and enter Professor Mad-Eye Moody’s Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom at Hogwarts™! Join Hermione Granger™ and Neville Longbottom™ as they practice casting spells, experiment with enchanting equipment, and discover what – or who – is trapped in the trunk! When the lesson ends, close the cover to take the set with you wherever you go.

            • 71762

              LEGO® NINJAGO®

              Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO

              Soar into the sky with Kai and his Fire Dragon to combat two evil snake warriors – but be careful! One is controlling a shooting drone, while the other has a jetpack and a chain gun. Upgrade the dragon twice to make it bigger, stronger and quicker, for this must-win battle to protect NINJAGO® City. For completing your mission, you will be rewarded with a collectible Courage banner.

              • 76396

                LEGO® Harry Potter™

                Hogwarts™ Moment: Divination Class

                Open the cover of your brick-built playbook and – as if by magic – you’re in Professor Trelawney’s Divination classroom at Hogwarts™! Here you can practice your seer skills with the crystal ball, study a mystical book of prophecies with Parvati, or stare into a fortune-telling teacup with Harry Potter™ and read your tea leaves. When the lesson ends, simply close the covers until next time.

                • 42130

                  LEGO® Technic

                  BMW M 1000 RR

                  Ignite your passion. Remove all distractions. Prepare to enter a zone of total focus. It’s time to build the LEGO® Technic™ BMW M 1000 RR. This 1:5 scale model is packed with authentic features, including a functional 3-speed (+ neutral) gearbox, chain transmission and inline 4-piston engine. Enjoy an immersive project recreating this stunning motorcycle before putting your model on display.

                  • 75320

                    LEGO® Star Wars™

                    Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack

                    Build your own LEGO® Star Wars™ Snowtrooper army and get ready for battle on planet Hoth! Equip the Snowtroopers with a blaster gun, blaster rifles and blaster pistol. Build a snow trench and fire the E-Web heavy repeating blaster at the Rebel Alliance forces. Ride into attack with the Hoth Scout Trooper on the Imperial Hoth speeder bike. Can you lead the Snowtroopers to victory?

                    • 76398

                      LEGO® Harry Potter™

                      Hogwarts™ Hospital Wing

                      The Hogwarts™ Hospital Wing has everything a poorly student needs. Ron’s hurt his leg. Will Madam Pomfrey’s potions and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans™ make him feel better? If not, try a bottle of Skele-gro. Meanwhile, up in the clock tower, Harry and Hermione are using the Time-Turner™. Twist the turret to make the clock’s hands spin and travel back in time for another magical adventure!

                      • 71396

                        LEGO® Super Mario™

                        Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car Expansion Set

                        Fly high with this fun-packed LEGO® Super Mario™ Expansion Set. Help LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ (figures not included) defeat the enemy Bob-omb. Then it’s time for liftoff – fly Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car in the sky to collect as many coins as you can!

                        • 41702

                          LEGO® Friends

                          Canal Houseboat

                          Welcome aboard the houseboat with a difference! Mia and her friends have rescued a retro houseboat. Join the team as they lovingly bring it back to life. Help Sebastian add the finishing touches by painting the wood. Pick the veggies in the garden and take them to the stall on the jetty to sell to the community.

                          • 71398

                            LEGO® Super Mario™

                            Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set

                            Take a coin-collecting ride on the beach with Dorrie! Jump on the friendly character and start exploring. Toss the green shell to defeat the Huckit Crab, then search for 1, 2, 3 Blocks: destroy the sandcastle, splash in the water fountain and wobble the tree! Challenge friends to beat your best coin score then rebuild to create an exciting new level.

                            • 75322

                              LEGO® Star Wars™

                              Hoth™ AT-ST™

                              The Battle of Hoth is on! Help Chewbacca and the Rebel Trooper defend against the mighty Hoth AT-ST. Dodge the AT-ST’s long legs and take cover from its spring-loaded-missiles. Disable the Imperial Probe Droid with the Rebel Trooper’s blaster gun and target the powerful AT-ST walker with Chewie’s bowcaster. Will the Imperial forces or Rebel Alliance triumph? It’s up to you!

                              • 75321

                                LEGO® Star Wars™

                                The Razor Crest™ Microfighter

                                Build The Razor Crest Microfighter and team up with The Mandalorian on exciting bounty-hunting adventures! Jump in the cockpit and launch your galactic mission. Fire the stud shooters at Imperial Remnant forces. Explore other planets with The Mandalorian’s jetpack and battle enemies with his blaster pistol. Who knows what you might discover out there!

                                • 76206

                                  LEGO® Marvel™

                                  Iron Man Figure

                                  Be like Tony Stark and build your own Iron Man! Move, position and pose the armor just like the real thing as you battle through action-packed Super-Hero adventures. When the mission is over, put the awesome Iron Avenger on display, for everyone to admire.

                                  • 43198

                                    LEGO® Disney™

                                    Anna’s Castle Courtyard

                                    Meet Disney’s Anna in her diamond dress by the fountain – it’s Arendelle’s Harvest Festival! Build this LEGO® ǀ Disney set and join Anna and Bruni the Salamander as they celebrate. Once the party’s over, use the fountain bottom and Anna’s dress to create a diamond-shaped storage container. To boost the fun, collect the other diamond dress princesses (sets sold separately) for endless adventures!

                                    • 71401

                                      LEGO® Super Mario™

                                      Luigi’s Mansion™ Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set

                                      Welcome to Luigi’s Mansion™! Use the rotating hallway to explore the rooms. Stomp on the bed, unclog the toilet and lift the serving dish on the dinner table to discover hidden gems. Battle the haunted pool table and defeat the Garbage Can Ghost and Grabbing Ghost. Oh no – our friend Toad has been trapped in a painting! Rescue him, then topple King Boo from the tower!

                                    LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                    Can the ninja escape the deadly lava?

                                    The ninja are in quick pursuit of the kidnapped Master Wu. Their search leads them to a crypt that begins to fill up with scorching hot lava. Can Cole use his famous balance to help his fellow ninja escape? Watch the video to learn if Cole and the others have what it takes to survive!

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                                      Meet Ultrakatty

                                      Watch new videos

                                        • LEGO® Life

                                          Get Cozy and Inspired!

                                          Relax, unwind and unleash your imagination. This cozy video is here to help you get peaceful and create. Build, write or draw something connected to an interest you’re passionate about. You can even put it on in the background while you make something awesome with your family. Share what you made to inspire others today!

                                          • LEGO® Super Mario™

                                            71399 Luigi’s Mansion™ Entryway Expansion Set

                                            Explore the cemetery outside Luigi’s Mansion™!

                                            • LEGO® Life

                                              Cozy Creative Companion Video!

                                              Sometimes the best ideas come from a relaxed state of mind. Get cozy with this video and use it to unwind as you let your creativity flow. Also great to watch while you create something amazing with your family. Build, draw or write something amazing and share it today! ✨ 🏠 💖

                                              • LEGO® City

                                                City VLOG - Dancing Police Squad

                                                Watch Chief Wheeler and the LEGO® City police team dancing!

                                                • LEGO® City

                                                  Let’s make life and work awesome!

                                                  No matter what kind of awesome you are into, you can make it happen!

                                                  • LEGO® Super Mario™

                                                    71397 Luigi’s Mansion™ Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set

                                                    Suit up with the Poltergust and attach a normal nozzle or the Strobulb accessory.

                                                    • LEGO® MINDSTORMS®

                                                      LEGO® MINDSTORMS® celebrates the holidays with you

                                                      • LEGO® City

                                                        LEGO CITY Fire dog

                                                        Fire dog to the rescue!

                                                        • LEGO® Life

                                                          The Chimney Show!

                                                          Watch out, because here comes Santa! How many points do you give for his fall? Judges, show your points in the comments!

                                                          • LEGO® Friends

                                                            We met five best friends!

                                                            The first time we all met Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie was in 2012.

                                                            • LEGO® Friends

                                                              Hot dog, anyone?

                                                              In 2016, the first hot dog bun element was introduced into the LEGO® Friends universe. Yum!

                                                              • LEGO® Life

                                                                Happy holidays!

                                                                From all of us to all of you, we wish you happy holidays! Do you celebrate this time a year? We would love to hear all of your traditions!

                                                                • LEGO® City

                                                                  City VLOG - Drone Surfing Firefighter

                                                                  Watch firefighter Bob put out a fire using his drone!

                                                                  • LEGO® City

                                                                    City VLOG - The Flying Firetruck

                                                                    Freya McCleod and the LEGO® City firefighters put out fires in the Flying Firetruck!

                                                                  Discover cool games

                                                                    • THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™

                                                                      Emmet Vision

                                                                      Use your device to scan real-life objects as fast as possible to help Emmet pack his spaceship.

                                                                      • LEGO® City

                                                                        LEGO® City Builder

                                                                        Mayor Fleck is on holiday and you’re in charge! Help new city dwellers connect using the all-new Road Plates and bring LEGO® City to life!

                                                                        • LEGO® Life

                                                                          Bits and Bricks

                                                                          Bit the adventurous LEGO® robot needs your help! Can you tell Bit what to do?

                                                                          • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                            LEGO Ninjago: Prime Empire

                                                                            Play the new LEGO Ninjago Prime Empire game! Help Jay to overcome obstacles and fight off enemies in the dangerous world of Prime Empire video game. Can you make it to the last level?

                                                                            • LEGO® Star Wars™

                                                                              “The Last Jedi” 360 Experience

                                                                              Take part in a fully immersive 360-degree experience as you build the battle and take part in a unique LEGO® adventure that is set in the same time and location of Star Wars “The Last Jedi”. Create vehicles from the movie and watch them do battle as both Resistance and First Order try to seize control.

                                                                              • LEGO® City

                                                                                LEGO® City Stuntz Ride

                                                                                Feel the thrill and put your stunts skills to the test in the city. Jump, crush and wheelie like no other rides!

                                                                                • THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™

                                                                                  General Mayhem Attacks

                                                                                  Play as Emmet, Lucy, Benny and Unikitty in this fast paced, scrolling, target shooting game. •Manage all 4 heroes, moving from cover to cover through the streets of Apocalypseburg. •Watch out for attacks from General Mayhem. •Tap Mayhem’s ship to launch bricks at it. •Tap heroes to make them duck and dodge. Final goal is to get all of our four heroes to safety.

                                                                                  • LEGO® City

                                                                                    Prison Island Interactive Video

                                                                                    HEY! Here's your chance to help the cops catch the nasty crooks escaping LEGO® City Prison Island! Just swipe and click your way through this fun interactive adventure!

                                                                                    • LEGO® Friends

                                                                                      LEGO® Friends Heartlake Rush

                                                                                      Race through Heartlake City in this free LEGO racing game! Have fun with Olivia on the race track or download the app for the full play experience.

                                                                                      • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                        Chen‘s Return

                                                                                        Run for your life and collect the Golden Bricks to defeat the evil Master Chen!

                                                                                        • LEGO® DOTS

                                                                                          Funky DOTS™

                                                                                          Swap and match LEGO® DOTS™ bricks to solve the tricky puzzles in different levels and get the Highscore :-).

                                                                                          • LEGO® DC

                                                                                            Play Gotham City Speed!

                                                                                            Help Batman™ defeat the villains and send them back to Arkham Asylum!