LEGO® Maze reinvents the classic ball and labyrinth game, adding a twist of creative LEGO building to the fun. 

Built entirely from LEGO elements, the LEGO Maze consists of a base frame and a simple tip-and-tilt mechanism made up of LEGO beams and axles. You turn the wheels to move the maze up and down or from side to side, guiding the ball away from the traps. 

Challenge your family and friends and see who navigates past the obstacles fastest. Once you’ve mastered the two maze designs included with the set, you will find lots of inspiration to start creating your own mazes using the bricks included or any of your own LEGO elements.

You decide how simple or challenging the maze should be. Add extra traps or more walls, or use different colored elements. The interchangeable maze system means you can easily swap maze plates without rebuilding the entire game.

The set also includes a removable container to store the balls and a travel lock that keeps everything in place when you are carrying or storing the game. 

Build up your gaming skills and enjoy hours of challenging and creative fun with this latest creation from LEGO Ideas.

The designer

“Growing up I was always fascinated with how things worked. I have never actually owned one of those original wooden mazes, but I would always be drawn to them whenever visiting someone who had one.

After building a few small mazes it didn’t take long before I was building larger mazes to run a LEGO® soccer ball through.

I originally tried to recreate the wooden version of the labyrinth maze as faithfully as possible, but it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t practical.

I decided to decrease the size of the maze and eliminate the holes. By having the ball fall into depressions, the maze could be built using fewer larger plates.

One of the limitations of the original wooden toy is that it is always the same.

There is no way to make it more or less difficult, or modify the maze to have a different play experience. 

As I was designing this model I really wanted to embrace the customization that having it built out of LEGO pieces would allow. Not only can people modify the difficulty of the mazes to gradually increase their skill, but they can create mazes that follow specific patterns, themed mazes, mazes with multiple pathways to the finish. The possibilities seem almost limitless.”

Jason Allemann, LEGO® fan and designer of the LEGO Maze.