LEGO® Life

LEGO® Life

Get creative, get together, get what you want… your LEGO Life has just begun!

Built specially for kids, LEGO Life is a super-safe community where you can meet LEGO fans, get the latest brick buzz, and crank your creativity up to a billion!

It’s got:
MIND-BUSTING CHALLENGES to make you a master builder
GENIUS IDEAS so epic, you’ll weep bricks
SUPERFAN GROUPS for superfan geeks
THE LEGO LOWDOWN sharing news that’s practically classified
MUST-SEE MINI MOVIES & WEBISODES for small-screen, er, meditation

You can…
BUDDY-UP WITH SENSEI WU it’s not just humans using LEGO Life: minifigures have pages, too!
PHOTO-BLAST THE WORLD with pics of your best. builds. EVER
SELECT stuff you rate or slate
MAKE A MINIFIGURE MINI-ME with serious swag
FIND THE NEWEST LEGO SETS & APPS in one place. So simple, a squirrel could do it

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